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This page is under construction and is a work in progress. If you have comments or suggestions go to the forum on [error messages page].

The Waze Map Editor (WME) will periodically run into problems when trying to save information. Depending upon the error message you may need to do one of the following: 1) change what you last edited, 2) undo some number of prior edits, or 3) just reload the page and ignore the error.

Generally it is best to save before you exceed 10 changes. This minimizes the problems you run into when one of the early changes in your edit sequence has a problem and you have to undo everything else after that in order to determine what out of all your edits is causing the problem.

The alphabetical list of errors below will provide suggested steps to rectify the error.

An error occurred while saving

This is a general purpose error message that can occur for many reasons. Sometimes it is hard to identify specifically the problem. Here are some of the reasons you may run into this.


If editing a landmark, highlight the landmark again and check the address with the Edit button. Look to be sure the Country, State, and City are all three set correctly. In some countries there may be less or different fields, but ensure they are correct. Sometimes the name can be misspelled and it is hard to notice. If the fields (like city name) exist in another area too far away from the landmark, you will get this error. If you enter a location that does not exist anywhere, it will accept it, but that will not help when trying to search for that landmark in the client app.

Too many edits

If you are saving a large number of edits at one time, sometimes the server is unable to respond back to your browser before it times out. This is common when using a script to make global changes to an area. Generally for this problem, the saves will likely go through, but you have to use the permalink button or reload the page with your browser.

The highlighted road is too far from the city it was added to

This can happen for two reasons.

1) You may have just named a road with a city that already exists in the database, but is not anywhere near the location of the road. Go back and edit the road name or mark it as NONE. Save again.

2) You may not have edited the name of a road, but you edited one of its properties and the road was originally imported into the database incorrectly. Edit the segment highlighted and fix the name of the city or state as necessary.

The highlighted segments are not connected by a node

WME has identified two segments ends that are very close to one another, but are not actually joined. Move one or the other segment end get it to "snap" to the other segment end. Save again.

You have no permissions to make some of the changes

An area will be highlighted that reflects changes you are trying to make that are outside of your allowed Editable Area. There is a time limit for areas that you have driven. See the Editable Area link for more information.

You can also turn on the layer for Editable Areas to check if you have permission to edit all of the segment in question. Sometimes segments can stretch outside of your reach. The layer highlight will help you see when that happens.

For Area Managers, you may be trying to edit outside of your allocated area as well. Use the above techniques to determine the problem.

If an object needs to be edited outside of your area, you can always go to the Discussion Forums to post a request for assistance by a higher level editor who has permissions for the object.