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* Map Editor since September 2013.
* Map Editor since September 2013.
* Currently Rank 3.
* Currently Rank 3.
* I am an [[Area Manager]] (AM) in north-central [[Maryland]].
* I am an [[Area Manager]] (AM) in north-central [[Maryland]] and south-central [[Pennsylvania]].
== My Managed Areas ==  
== My Managed Areas ==  

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Waze-Related About Me

My Managed Areas

  • Taneytown/Westminster, MD (roughly from 140@Harney to 140@Pleasant Valley, and from 194@Brown to 194@Crouse Mill)
  • Reisterstown, MD (roughly east of I-795 exits 7 to 9, to roughly Garrison Forest Rd)


I live in Westminster, MD (within my managed area), and work in Columbia, MD. I mostly edit the map in Carroll and Howard Counties in Maryland (as I am most familiar with areas along my daily commute), occasionally poking around Baltimore and Frederick Counties.


  • I attended the December 2014 Northeast Editor Meetup in NYC this past December.
  • I participated ever so slightly in the December 2014 LA MapRaid in Group 3 (Burbank/Pasadena). My participation was severely restricted by the fact that it was the holiday season and I was doing a lot of traveling and visiting family. I would have liked to have edited more in this MapRaid.
  • I'm involved in the January 2015 Houston MapRaid in Group 7 (Katy). I've done significantly more editing in this MapRaid than in the LA MapRaid.

Contact Me

Tckma can be reached by private message.
  • You can also find me on the forums.
  • If you find a tckma anywhere on the Internet, it's more likely than not to be me, except on Twitter where that username is taken by someone else -- I'm not on Twitter.