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Proposed Change List:

  1. Map editor layout (2.) -- Needs new image to show updated GUI
  2. Map editor toolbar (2.1.) - Add comment about containing user profile
    1. “At the top of the Waze Map Editor you will see the main toolbar. It includes the primary control buttons for the editor as well as the me tab.”
  3. Map editor toolbar (2.1.) - Needs new image to show updated GUI
  4. Map editor toolbar (2.1.) - Move “Me Tab” Here, change language to represent current layout
    1. See user space [Insert user space link]
  5. Draw places menu (2.1.4.) - Change language around the ability to have multiple entry spots
    1. User space
    2. [Do we want to reference entry points guidance???)
  6. Draw segments menu (2.1.5.) - Merge options, shortcuts, and description
    1. See user space [Insert user space link]
  7. Undo button (2.1.7) - Image needs updated
  8. Redo button (2.1.8) - Image needs updated
  9. Delete button (2.1.9) - Add language that a place cannot be changed and then deleted in the same batch of saves, it cases a save error
    1. Deleting a place object after making changes to the same place will cause a save error.
  10. Layers (2.1.10) - Layer option images needs updated
  11. Layers (2.1.10) - Places could maybe use a better picture that more easily displays the place marker
  12. Layers (2.1.10) - Roads subcategory are now called segments
  13. Layers (2.1.10) - Redo section to go through each category and subcategory
    1. Issues
      1. Map
      2. Places
      3. Residential
      4. Parking
    2. Places
      1. Venues
      2. Residential
      3. Parking Lots
    3. Segments
      1. Roads
      2. Junction Boxes
      3. Closures
      4. Speed Cameras
    4. Display
      1. Satellite imagery
      2. Area managers
      3. GPS points
      4. Editable areas
      5. Live users
      6. Disallowed turns
      7. Map comments
      8. Cities
  14. Left pane (2.2) - me tab needs to be moved from the left pane
  15. Left pane (2.2) - some scripts will add a tab here
    1. At the left side of the window, below your username, is an area which is both informational and functional. Different tabs or single panes of information are displayed in this area based on whether an object is selected, the type of object and how many, which enable you to view and edit details of objects.
  16. Left pane (2.2) - missing explanation of feed tab?
    1. See user space [Insert user space link]
  17. No object selected (2.2.2) - needs to be updated to reflect new changes
    1. When no objects are selected on the map, the Tabs Area displays user information based on which tab is selected. The top section greets you by name and is always visible regardless of what is showing or displayed on the map. Map Problems and Update Requests are not considered map objects, so the tabs below your name will display when a Map Problem or Update Request is selected. The tabs available are the feed tab, the drives tab, the area tab, the settings tab, and any tabs created by scripts.
  18. No object selected (2.2.2) - needs new image
  19. Me tab (2.2.3) - Move me tab, see #4
  20. One or more segments selected (2.2.7) - address box should be beneath general tab
  21. Camera selected (2.2.8) - needs new image

Draw segments menu

Hover over this button Wme roadsmenu 2018.png to choose between road types:

View this page on how to not create red roads (segments with incomplete information).

Wme singlesegment 2018.pngWme ped-path 2018.pngWme roundabout 2018.pngWme camera 2018.pngWme junctionbox 2018.png

Shortcut keys: I, O or J

  • I (a straight segment)- Road. Click on the map to start. Click to add a geometry point. Double click to end.
  • Pedestrian path. Click on the map to start. Click to add a geometry point. Double click to end.
  • O (a circle)- Roundabout. Click on the map at the center of the roundabout. Drag a circle of the correct size. Click to end the roundabout.
  • Camera. Click on the map where the camera is to be located. See Enforcement Cameras for editing instructions.
  • J Junction box. Click on the map to start. Click to add vertices for the box. Double click to end. After creation, the shape of a junction box cannot be adjusted.

See the Editing Manual Quick Start Guide for more information.