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Hey there!

I am Seakyle0712, an AM for Marion County, Florida. There are a few things specific to the county listed below:

Marion County Wiki

We follow all of SER's wiki. Everything not stated on the SER Wiki can be found on the USA Wiki. If it isn't there and/or you have questions, please contact a State Manager/Mentor. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks all!

Common Sense

Use your brain. Think about what your about to do. Think about it some more. Think about it some more. If it makes the map better, simpler, more functional, and visually appealing, add it. Then after a day, review it. If you think "this does not look good" or "WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?" then please remove it/change it back.


In Marion County, there are many schools. Follow these guidelines when mapping schools:


  • Always set Ext. Providers (if available)
  • Set to Area places, except when located in a compact place, like a shopping center
  • Website is set to the SCHOOL'S WEBSITE, not the district's, the schools. This ensures Wazers can get the information they need.
  • Services should usually be set to Wi-Fi, Customer Parking, Restrooms, Air Conditioning, Wheelchair Accessible
  • Add Parking Lots. Do not add employee parking lots/parking lots the average Wazer cannot access


  • Always Set to PLR (Parking Lot Road), unless it has a street name
  • Never add roads to gated roads (such as bus-loops), except you receive (all must occur) several URs, paved/red (unconfirmed) roads, and GPS points with multiple (3 or more) colors.

Parking Lot Roads

Map parking lot roads if they make the map better, simpler, more functional, and visually appealing.

If there are no GPS points, then don't add them unless it adds value to the map


Only map closures if they close the whole entire road. If local traffic can pass, then don't close it. If it is a lane closure and does not close at least an entire direction, then don't close it. Remember that closures can be mapped in one direction. Closures can be requested at the Closure Form, or relayed to a senior editor via the Forum, or a Forum PM.



New Traffic Patterns/Current Projects


Use Google Chrome to edit, especially with scripts. Be sure to experiment with settings. I recommend you edit with scripts. It makes the process way easier. Some are featured below:

Tampermonkey - Script Manager
WME Toolbox - Highlights common issues and properties of segments and places
Magic - Highlights common issues and shows how to fix them
WMEMPH - Place Harmonizer and corrector of Place issues
WME Clicksaver - Makes the UI more friendly and functional
WME Fix UI - Fixes the UI and makes it more friendly and functional
PIE - Enhances the UI and improves how places are shown on the map