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This is a summary of the privileges and capabilities that are based on editor rank. Ranks are 1-7 and are designated R1, R2, etc. R7 is reserved for Waze staff. Editing radius determines the distance from recent drives where you can edit; Area Managers, State Managers and Country Managers can also edit anywhere in their respective area, state, or country.

Rank Editing Radius Privilege
R1 1 mile Edit roads locked at L1
Remove Cameras approved by R1 editors
R1 Trusted* 1 mile All R1 privileges
Approve Place Update Requests (PURs)
Edit places locked at L1
R2 2 miles All R1 privileges
Edit roads and places locked at L2
Force House Numbers
Remove Cameras approved by R2 editors
R3 3 miles All R2 privileges
Edit roads and places locked at L3
Add or remove Real time closures
Remove Cameras approved by R3 editors
Be considered for Area Manager**
R4 4 miles All R3 privileges
Edit roads and places locked at L4
Add Google links to Places
Remove Cameras approved by R4 editors
Be considered for State Manager**
R5 4 miles All R4 privileges
Edit roads and places locked at L5
Add, remove, or edit Junction Boxes
Remove Cameras approved by R5 editors
Be considered for Country Manager
R6 4 miles All R5 privileges
Edit roads and places locked at L6
Remove Cameras approved by R6 editors
Be considered for Global Champ
R7 4 miles All R6 privileges
Add, remove, or edit advertised places

.*R1 editors with enough approved Place Update Requests; see this link for details
.**In unusual situations, lower ranked editors may be considered for these roles