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| {{Username|beachbumli247}} || 2 || Kings, Qns || Queens || AM
| {{Username|beachbumli247}} || 2 || Kings, Qns || Queens || AM
| {{Username|mdswbkq}} || 2 || Manh, W Kings, partial Bronx, SI near 278 ||  || 
==Important / Mapraid Guidelines==
==Important / Mapraid Guidelines==

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Registration for NYC UR Mapraid 2016 is now closed. NYC UR Mapraid 2016 will run from 18 Apr 2016 0:00:00 EST until 19 Apr 2016 23:59:00 EST (approximately 48 hours).

Please do not make any edits in the raid area until after the raid begins. This will allow us to get good mapraid statistics.

NYC URs pre 4-19-16.gif

The NYC UR Mapraid will be 18 Apr through 19 Apr 2016. This is a self-run UR MR with the editors that have existing (and overlapping) Editing Areas in NYC. No additional areas will be requested from OrbitC (PM)  Profile L2.png and the Waze Team. The participants will focus on the 5 boroughs of NYC. This raid will be a coordinated effort across the NYC Counties of Kings (Brooklyn), Queens, New York (Manhattan), Bronx, and Richmond (Staten Island). The Raiders will consist of a combination of Local, Senior, and Out-of-State Editors. Some Northeast Champs will also be available during the raid for assistance.


Our goals are:

  1. Primary Goal: Reducing/Eliminating the "dead weight" of URs in NYC and replying with the best possible "closing" response
    1. Documenting any fixable URs in the UR Cleaning Day Spreadsheet and closing the UR with the proper response, and marking it as "Solved"
    2. Quick fixes can of course be implemented, and the UR marked as "Solved" with the proper response
    3. For Speed Limit related URs that cannot be added due to Lock Level, use the Speed Limit Request Form, and close the UR with the "Speed Limit" Response
  2. Secondary Goal: Going through the UR Cleaning Day Spreadsheet and working to fix the documented URs
  3. Tertiary Goal: Adding additional comments to URs without any initial request for information, or to URs ready for a reminder
  4. Reach Goal: After NYC is complete, and if there is enough time, we can consider moving into Long Island URs as well.
    1. Please Note: This is only a reach goal and will be limited to the editors who have editable areas in Long Island (Nassau County and Suffolk County).

Please also make basic common-sense edits as you work on the mapraid goals -- fix bad turns and other obviously wrong information on the segments you are editing, but keep focused on the mapraid goals.


When you are editing in the raid area, please set yourself visible and enable the Live Users layer. We will use GHO Channel created for this raid.

Current UR Stats

Check back here just before the raid commences to see the pre-MR UR Stats

To see some visual snapshots of what NYC looked like before the raid commenced, visit ShadowMasterCM (PM)  Profile L2.png's album on Google Photos here.


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Role/Description Editors
Champs OrbitC, Qwaletee, PesachZ
Out-of-State Voludu2, DrNeubie, PhantomSoul, Russblau, TheLastTaterTot, Poncewattle, Bummerdude69
SM ShadowMasterCM
Local Rfrsw101, jdelosa, johnsninja58, beachbumli247, whoaitspete
Editor Rank Editable Area Raid Area Roles
OrbitC (PM)  Profile L2.png 6 - - GC / MR Coordinator
Qwaletee (PM)  Profile L2.png 6 - - CM
PesachZ (PM)  Profile L2.png 6 - - LC
Voludu2 (PM)  Profile L2.png 5 State Queens SM / CM
DrNeubie (PM)  Profile L2.png 5 All NYC Manhattan SM
PhantomSoul (PM)  Profile L2.png 5 State Bronx SM
Russblau (PM)  Profile L2.png 5 State Manhattan AM
TheLastTaterTot (PM)  Profile L2.png 5 - - SM
Poncewattle (PM)  Profile L2.png 4 All NYC Bronx SM
ShadowMasterCM (PM)  Profile L2.png 4 State Kings SM
Bummerdude69 (PM)  Profile L2.png 4 All NYC Kings SM
Whoaitspete (PM)  Profile L2.png 4 Manh, Kings, Qns Manhattan AM
Rfrsw101 (PM)  Profile L2.png 3 All NYC Kings AM
jdelosa (PM)  Profile L2.png 3 Kings, Qns Kings AM
johnsninja58 (PM)  Profile L2.png 3 Qns, Bronx Queens AM
beachbumli247 (PM)  Profile L2.png 2 Kings, Qns Queens AM
mdswbkq (PM)  Profile L2.png 2 Manh, W Kings, partial Bronx, SI near 278


Important / Mapraid Guidelines

Please read the entire MapRaid wiki. If you are still uncertain what to do about something you see on the map, please ask your fellow editors. Thank You for your help with the map.


Check back here after the raid is completed to see the results and the post-MR UR Stats