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*'''Kansas/Missouri''' (August 2019)  
*'''Kansas/Missouri''' (August 2019)  
**Raid Organization Committee Member
**Raid Organization Committee Member
**Overlay Script Developer
**[https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/382221-ks-mo-wme-mapraid-regions Overlay Script] Developer
**Registration Form Manager
**Registration Form Manager
**Update Request Form Filler Script Developer
**[https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/387762-wme-form-filler-ks-mo Update Request Form Filler Script] Developer
*'''Alabama/Florida''' (October 2019)
*'''Alabama/Florida''' (October 2019)
**Registration Form Manager
**Registration Form Manager

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HBiede is a Waze editor based out of Nebraska, born and raised in the state. HBiede is currently a State Manager for Nebraska as well as a LAM for Montana (via PLN-NWR region collaboration). He can also be frequently found with additional area along I-76 in Colorado. HBiede can be reached on Discord, or alternatively, via the Forums.


First Edits: February 16, 2018
First AM granted: May 20, 2018
LAM: June 20, 2018 - Present
First Out-of-State AM granted: February 26, 2019
Full Nebraska AM Area : May 20, 2019
Nebraska SM: August 25, 2019


L2: May 20, 2018
L3: June 20, 2018
L4: May 20, 2019


  • Basemap Updating
    • Worked through all road segments in 6 Nebraska counties to completion. Rest of state in progress (county by county).
  • Freeway Exit Area Proposal
  • Layer Saver Script
    • Created a script which allows for quick switching or restoring layer settings within WME.

Geographical Focus Areas

  • Plains Region - Nebraska
    • SM - Statewide editing access
  • Northwest Region - Montana
    • LAM - Missoula/Western Montana

MapRaid Participation

  • Texas MapRaid (October 2018)
    • Hall of Fame Eastern Division Member
  • Kansas/Missouri (August 2019)
  • Alabama/Florida (October 2019)
    • Registration Form Manager
    • Raid Consultant
    • Update Request Form Filler Script Developer

Other Miscellaneous Community Involvement

  • Beta Tester
    • iOS App (June 17, 2018–Present)
  • NWR/PLN Cross-Region Collaboration Editor (Missoula/Western Montana)

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