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FTWMikeC is a Waze editor based out of Texas, born and raised in the state. FTWMikeC is currently an Area Manager for Tarrant County (in the USA/South_Central region). He can also be frequently found with additional area around Burleson Texas. FTWMikeC can be reached on Discord, or alternatively, via the Forums.


First Edits: October 30, 2016
Active SCR Editor/joined SCR Discord channel: November 2017
First AM granted: December 18, 2018


R2: January 19, 2018
R3: June 30, 2018
R4: September 3, 2019


Informal mentee of: dspille, juliansean, jangliss, johnseab, turbo_jjr
Informal mentor to: KingCoast, Rusty_Carlisle, lotheras
SCR URC wordsmithing team member (proof reader, found very little that needed fixing) 12/2018
1st Waze SCR/TX wiki edit August 2019

MapRaid Participation