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Hello! Welcome to map editing here at Waze! I'm glad we have more users that are wanting to expand and fine tune the mapping system in the state of Oklahoma. I don't know if you are aware of the guidelines we use, but thought I'd point you to some anyway:

[list][*][url=http://URL_TO_SPECIFIC_ITEM_IN_WIKI]<<DESCRIPTION_OF_URL_TO_WIKI_OF_SPECIFIC_ISSUE>>[/url][/*] [*][url=]Waze Wiki Page for Oklahoma[/url][/*] [*][url=]Full Waze Editing Manual[/url][/*] [*][url=]Incorrect Editing[/url][/*][/list]


[b]Additional Important Information:[/b]

Oklahoma is participating in the [url=]Functional Classification[/url] system for specifying road types. Please familiarize yourself with this system.

While editing, please open enable the [url=]Waze Map Editor (WME) chat[/url]. This is crucial for others to be able to get in touch with you while editing to discuss items and submit instant feedback.

A good place to start and learn whats good and not good is with the [url=,_Extensions_and_Tools#WME_Validator]Waze Validator[/url] addon. It is excellent for finding issues that easy for new editors to fix.

Again, welcome to the community! We are all here to help. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask. You may also be interested in the mentoring program. Finding and using a mentor is the #1 way to make sure everything you do is being done correctly. More information is available on the [url=]Formal Mentoring[/url] wiki page.

Happy Wayfinding!