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   This page contains information related to editing Waze maps in the State of Florida.  Within Waze, Florida falls under the Southeast Region along with Alabama and Georgia. See the Southeast Forum for more information. 

Cities and towns

There are 473 municipalities and 67 counties in the state. Orlando and neighboring Lake Buena Vista endure the most editing and map reports due to their popularity as global tourist destinations.  

Proper naming information is see forum topic What to put in city field, and how to determine?.

Road segment-types

Determining segment-types in Florida aligns with the Waze USA Standard for for freeway, major highway, minor highways, and primary streets.  The Waze USA standard incorporates a nationally-recognized system for making a functional classification determination.  

   Functional classification maps are available for most states.  Compliance across state borders is important to insure better route selections between states; however, editors in some states have deferred adoption of the USA Standard due to in-state concerns.  If you edit in any state other than Florida, you must comply with that state's editing state's policies.

   Although the Waze USA Standard permits some segment-type selection deviation, at present no Florida deviations are permitted, but may be in the future.

Minimum Segment Type Standards:

Interstate = freeway
US Hwy = major (MH)
State Roads = minor (mH)

   Application of the Waze USA Standard may permit a segment be upgraded one or two steps up from those minimums, but never downgraded.


Major construction projects

See the Florida Department of Transportation web site for a list of long term road closures and changes to traffic flow that impact the Waze Map.

Special roads


Non-drivable roads

Generally, if a path can't be driven on (e.g. Walking Trail, Pedestrian Boardwalk, Stairway, Railroad, Runway/Taxiway) then it not normally mapped. If it is mapped, it should not be connected to any roads. This is due to the way the routing engine works, as Waze will route users to drive on these "Non-Drivable" road types.

It is permitted to map Railroads since some users run Waze while on the train and contributing false data to the system. This false data has been known to effect drivers on adjacent roads. Railroads should be level -5 and locked at the highest level of the editor.

Time restricted turns

Speed / red light cameras

Speed cameras

Red light cameras

Other camera types

These are cameras or signs that either provide driver feedback or are used for traffic control. These devices CAN NOT issue tickets and should not be mapped.

How to Identify Cameras.

To do list

The Waze USA Standard for assigning segment types for freeways, major highways, and state roads is mostly complete. County Roads need review (as of 2014-04-27).

Mapping resources


USA section of Waze Forum

Virginia section of Waze Forum

Area Managers

 If you are an Area Manager granted editing privileges in Florida, or a USA Country manager that frequently edits there, please add yourself to this list (alphabetical by username).

Username Area Managed Comments Forum PM
Level 6
banished Southeast Regional Coordinator
Country Manager PM
Country Manager
Level 5
Area Manager
Area Manager
Your Name Here Your area here Your Comments Here Your PM Link Here
Level 5 Area Managers (not Country Managers)

Level 4 Area Managers

Your Name Here Your area here Your Comments Here Your PM Link Here
Level 3 Area Managers
Your Name Here Your area here Your Comments Here Your PM Link Here