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The file USA_.png cannot be found, likely because it has not been uploaded into the Wiki.

Steps to load: USA_.png

  1. Review the images at this Wikimedia site and locate the correct image for your state. Be sure to select the image that includes inset images of Alaska and Hawaii (see the current default image).
  2. Once identified, find the hyperlink on the image page that says This image rendered as PNG in other widths and select the 1000px link.
  3. Right-click and Save Image As. Save to your local drive temporarily. Save the filename as USA_.png to match the template.
  4. Since you are already reading from the Wiki, scroll down on the left of the page and find the Upload File link.
  5. While holding down Control, left click that link to open a new window (and keep these instructions available).
  6. Find the button to Choose File and select it.
  7. The destination filename will automatically populate correctly, but check it to be sure.
  8. In the Summary field, consider copying the link above to help identify the source of the image.
  9. Press Upload file at the bottom of the screen.
  10. The image is now loaded in the Wiki and available for the state page.
  11. Refresh the page to see the new image installed.