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Specific Texas guidelines

  • Be sure to know when not to split a two-way road
  • FM Roads not grouped into functional class are to be set to  Primary Street  east of US-281 and north/east of I-37. All other FM roads are set to  Minor Highway .
  • Dirt Roads. In Texas ALL roads that are normally unpaved are considered dirt roads as this is how GPS Nav users (any brand) expect the "Avoid Dirt Roads" feature to behave. These roads should be deleted when going through farm land, ranch land, or mountainous areas throughout the state, as they are most likely base import roads and not real roads.
  • Frontage roads not classified as  Primary Street  by functional class are to be classified as  Street . They are also to be labeled "Frontage Rd" unless the corresponding highway has an alternate name. I-635 Frontage roads are labeled as "Lyndon B Johnson Freeway" as that is the local name for I-635.
  • Parking Lot Roads do not need to be mapped for every lane inside.
  • Alleys and driveways are NOT MAPPED
  • All freeways are set to ground level. If two freeways cross each other, look at the actual intersection to discover the layers of the intersection.
  • U-turns are labeled as "turnaround."

Military bases

Texas has a long standing tradition for support the US military. If you have questions concerning any military base in the state, please do not hesitate to ask. All military bases in the state are set to the current private installation standard.

  • All gates at the military bases are set to private road in/street out with some gates having restrictions on them for the various gate closures.
  • If you know of any changes in the hours of a gate, please let a US Champ know and they will adjust it accordingly.
  • All gates are locked at a rank of 5 or 6.

Landmarks approved for military bases are:

  • Commissary
  • PX/BX
  • Gas stations
  • Parks
  • Museums