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The CommonRegion region covers the states of http://www.waze.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=XXXX / YYYY. Each state will likely have slightly different map guidance recommendations from other states, so be sure to review that state's page before editing in the state.

The current Regional Coordinator is listed as http://www.waze.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=UserName1 for this region.

If you have questions about this region or page, go to the forum for this region.
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This template is a suite of subpage templates (listed below) used for the Regional Coordinator table.


The primary template used in this suite is {{RC/TableRow}} to automatically generate the content of the regional coordinator table. Place this template repeatedly for each region as shown.



There are two required parameters:

Parameter 1 is a text field added to the left inside the region name column, typically to indicate a map key region number for user cross reference.
Parameter 2 is the name of the region. It must match a region already defined in {{RC/Data}}.

Related templates

This template suite also uses the following templates:

  • {{RC/USA}} - Link to USA Wiki page and forum
  • {{RC/Region}} - Link to Region Wiki page and forum
  • {{RC/CommonRegion}} - Default content for regional pages if not already created
  • {{RC/Forum}} - Generates HTML link based on Region name and requested data
  • {{RC/Data}} - The database holding all the regional coordinator related data
  • {{RC/Data/Core}} - The translation of text for parameters to the {{RC/Data}} content
  • {{RC/TableRow}} - Generates the main content for the RC table
  • {{Username|NAME_OF_USER}} to create user page and PM links.
  • {{PM|NAME_OF_USER}} to create PM links.
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