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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Delete page.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.

This template is added to pages that require deletion by an admin.


Place {{delete page}} at the top of a page to produce the default message box.

Alternately, the one recommended parameter |reason= will adjust the generic message:

{{delete page
| reason = error
         = vandals
         = obsolete
         = copyright
         = duplicate
         = test
         = foreign
         = irrelevant
| nocat  = on
}}<!-- Only one reason can be provided; remove all other entries.-->



Recommended parameter to identify why the page is being recommended for deletion. If no reason is supplied or the reason does not match the spelling of the available reason types, an alternate message will be displayed.
  • error - When a page is created by mistake by the editor who placed this template.
  • vandals - When a page is created by vandals and the content serves no purpose.
  • obsolete - When the content is no longer applicable and does not need to be archived into the Archive namespace.
  • copyright - When a page contains mainly copyrighted work that would not leave a useable page if the copyright material were removed.
  • duplicate - When the page is a duplicate of another page or the other page can take the place of the one to be deleted.
  • test - When the page was created as a part of a test and is no longer required.


If the template is on a page demonstrating the use of the template, setting this parameter to on will prevent the Category:Request for deletion from being added to the page.


Review the page Template:Delete page/Examples for how some of the parameter combinations will look on a page.

Where used

Editors can find all occurrences of this template with the link to what links here for the Delete Page template.

Category added

This template will automatically add the Category:Request for deletion to the page for tracking. You see a similar list to the What Links Here above.