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Toll Roads
=== Toll Roads ===
'''<u>{{font color|red|The Southeast region maps toll roads in exception to per Toll Road national guidanceEXCEPT in the following situation}}</u>'''. All : <br/>'''ALL''' segments of a road with tolls '''should be marked ''' with the “This is a toll road” attribute. To do this:
# Press “Add Restrictions” menu button in WME.
# Next, select the blue checkbox for “Toll road”.
# Then click on the Apply” button.
<br/><u>'''Reminder:''' </u>: For bridges or causeways, mark only the segment with the toll booth as a “Toll road”. If only one direction is tolled,
<u>divide the road</u> where the toll is collected AND <u>mark only the segment</u> with the toll booth as a toll road.