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Applications: capitalization/disambiguation
* Are searchable by address if city matches the search
* Any name on a place that becomes an RPP disappears after saving and is not searchable
* Cannot be converted to a public point place point or area place area (after saving)
* Appear in the app search usually within minutes
* Have a very high priority in an address search hierarchy
* Display in history who created the RPP and any edits after creation, if created in WME
See differences between [[House_Numbers_in_WME#House_numbers_vs_residential_point_places|house numbers and residential place pointspoint places]] for comparison to HNs. There are different advantages and disadvantages to each.
=== Creation ===
==== Applications ====
The proper application for multiple entry points is for places with '''multiple entrances, all of which are <u>equally useful for general entry</u> into that place.''' Place Add entry points only at the entrances that are equally useful for general entry into the place for most drivers navigating to the place. For example, at a public place like a mall, do not place add multiple entry points at doors for employees only. At a school or stadium, even though some doors may require special access (student ID, event ticket), if most drivers would have such access, multiple entry points can be placed at added to special-access entrances.
Position the first entry point where it would be placed if it were the [[#Single|only entry point]] for the place, because of the [[#Limitations|limitations]] below. Generally this would be at the main entrance, or if no such entrance exists, somewhere at the center of the place that provides the most useful drop-off location.
===== Pedestrian entrances =====
=== More Info tab ===
In the More Info tab is additional helpful information for the Placeplace. Here you will add phone number, website, additional services, and hours of operation:
[[File:Place_More_Info_Tab_2018.png|border|left|Place More Info]]