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=== Toll roads ===
:''For other uses see [[Toll (disambiguation)]].''
Roads with tolls can be indicated by setting it as a using the checkbox '''Toll road''' in the Add Restrictions menu on the [[Creating and editing road segments#Road Properties|road segment properties]] tab. Mark a segment as a toll road only if:*there is a toll booth, transponder reader, or other tolling device within, or at either end of the segment . Do not set segments as toll roads if they are leading up to the final toll segment , even if they have no other exit except the final toll segment.
In the case of a bridge that is tolled in only one direction, divide the road where the toll is collected and mark only the segment with the toll booth as a toll road.
* ''For more information, see the advanced topic on [[Time-based Tollstoll]] for mapping tolls that do not charge all the timepage.''
=== Time Restricted Turns ===