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This page is maintained by the [[Southeast#Key_Southeast_Region_Editors | Key Southeast Region Editors]] and moderated by [ driving79]. <span style="color:#4b0082;">Please coordinate any changes in advance</span>. Southeast map editors are encouraged to add/modify their own information in the '''[[Southeast#Key_Southeast_Region_Editors | Key Southeast Region Editors]]''' table below. <span style="color:#0000cd;">All editors should be intimately familiar with [[Best_map_editing_practice|Best Editing Practices]].</span>
<span style="color:#0000cd;">'''[[USA/Southeast/Meetup 2016|SE SER Meetup 2016]]'''</span>  <span style="color:#0000cd ;">'''[[USA/Southeast/Meetup_2017|SER Meetup 2017]]'''</span>  
'''Additionally, important links for all Southeast editors are available at