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Many cars now on the road are hybrids or completely electrically powered. The current state of charging stations is not as robust as the network of gas stations that exist in the USA. Due to the limited range and challenges for charging, having a uniformed experience for wazers who operate an electric vehicle is important.


Many of the charging stations are part of larger national networks, similar to gas station brands. The network name should be used first followed by a descriptor of the location.

Some examples of network named locations

  • ChargePoint - Killington
  • eVgo - University Mall
  • SemaCharge - Hannaford

If no network name exists, please use "Charging Station - location/description"

  • Charging Station - Freedom Nissan

If the station is private, or in a restricted access parking lot include a note in the name, such as "Charging Station (restriction) - location/description"

  • ChargePoint (private) - Montgomery Park


Connector Type

Currently there are multiple types of connectors for charging electric vehicles, which are not universally compatible. Listing the connector type in the description field is critical to allow drivers to pick the correct charging station. The most common types of charging connectors are: J1772, J1772 CHAdeMO, NEMA520, J1772 COMBO, CHAdeMO

  • J1772 Connector

Number of spaces

An important consideration for many EV users is the number of spaces reserved for charging. Include this information in the description, especially if there is a time limit.

  • 2 reserved EV spaces
  • 2 reserved EV spaces (30 minutes maximum)

Public or private

If not open to the public, please indicate any restrictions that may exist preventing access to the charging station

  • Private - employee use only
  • Payment to park required


Please remember to include URL, and hours for the charging station (no one wants to arrive late at night to find it closed). WMEPH can be helpful in ensuring harmonization of naming and details.


Lock charging stations to the same level you would a gas station in your state.