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[[File:New York Counties.png|400px|left|thumbnail|New York State County Map]]
[[File:New York Counties.png|400px|left|thumbnail|New York State County Map]]
Helping with FC upgrades in NY? Please add yourself to the table and update the FC status map. Ask any NY SM if you need permissions to edit the map above.
[[{{BasePage2}}/To_do/FC_table|Click here to edit this table]]
[[{{BasePage2}}/To_do/FC_table|Click here to edit FC upgrade status table]].
{{:{{BasePage2}}/To do/FC table}}
{{:{{BasePage2}}/To do/FC table}}

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This page is used to list current editing projects going on in the state, and to document their progress.

In the past this page was also used to document areas which editors were working on. The old project, and area tables are included below for archival purposes. If you are currently working on a project in an area, please ensure your name, the area, and what you are doing there is documented in the appropriate table on the main page using the {{AM/Editor|USERNAME|RANK|PROJECT AREA|PROJECT DETAILS}} template. There are instructions on adding yourself to the table when you click the link in appropriate header row.

Current projects

FC upgrade

Helping with FC upgrades in NY? Please add yourself to the table and update the FC status map. Ask any NY SM if you need permissions to edit the map above.

Click here to edit FC upgrade status table.

FC Upgrade Status by County (sortable)
County Editor(s) Status Updated
Albany whoaitspete (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 16/02

Allegany TTJustin12 (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 15/09

pumrum (PM)  Profile L2.pngPesachZ (PM)  Profile L2.pngMojaveCactusMonkey (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 14/12

Broome TTJustin12 (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 16/11

Cattaraugus chrisben (PM)  Profile L2.pngjushag (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 20/01

Cayuga Joyriding (PM)  Profile L2.png in progress 15/03

Chautauqua jushag (PM)  Profile L2.png in progress 20/01

Chemung TTJustin12 (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 16/11

Chenango whoaitspete (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 19/10

Clinton whoaitspete (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 17/02

Columbia dsfargeg (PM)  Profile L2.pngwhoaitspete (PM)  Profile L2.pngRodeNinja (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 18/01

Cortland zikzak (PM)  Profile L2.png in progress 14/11

Delaware whoaitspete (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 19/12

Dutchess PhantomSoul (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 15/08

Erie Joyriding (PM)  Profile L2.pngjushag (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 20/01

Essex whoaitspete (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 17/03

Franklin whoaitspete (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 18/09

Fulton whoaitspete (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 18/03

Genesee TTJustin12 (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 16/09

Greene PhantomSoul (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 15/09

Hamilton dsfargeg (PM)  Profile L2.pngzikzak (PM)  Profile L2.pngNHBlueBimmer (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 15/10

Herkimer dsfargeg (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 17/07

Jefferson JTBernier (PM)  Profile L2.png in progress 15/12

PesachZ (PM)  Profile L2.pngShaq23 (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 14/12

Lewis JTBernier (PM)  Profile L2.pngwhoaitspete (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 19/11

Livingston TTJustin12 (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 15/10

Madison whoaitspete (PM)  Profile L2.png in progress 20/01

Monroe Joyriding (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 14/12

Montgomery whoaitspete (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 18/10

Nassau TheLastTaterTot (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 15/10

New York
pumrum (PM)  Profile L2.pngPesachZ (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 14/05

Niagara Joyriding (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 15/04

Oneida No volunteers yet not started YY/MM(/DD)

Onondaga John-Cole (PM)  Profile L2.pngCNY_STi (PM)  Profile L2.png in progress 14/08

Ontario Joyriding (PM)  Profile L2.pngTTJustin12 (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 15/10

Orange PhantomSoul (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 14/11

Orleans Joyriding (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 15/04

Oswego Joyriding (PM)  Profile L2.pngCNY_STi (PM)  Profile L2.png in progress 15/03

Otsego dsfargeg (PM)  Profile L2.pngwhoaitspete (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 20/01

Putnam PhantomSoul (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 15/07

Dan061 (PM)  Profile L2.pngMapRaid! NY (NY PM)  link=https://www.waze.com/user/editor/MapRaid! NY complete 14/12

Rensselaer whoaitspete (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 15/04

NYC/Staten Island
Shaq23 (PM)  Profile L2.pngKobes1878 (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 14/11

Rockland PhantomSoul (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 14/10

Saint Lawrence JTBernier (PM)  Profile L2.png in progress 15/12

Saratoga Radon214 (PM)  Profile L2.pngwhoaitspete (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 16/04

Schenectady Radon214 (PM)  Profile L2.pngwhoaitspete (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 16/02

Schoharie whoaitspete (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 17/03

Schuyler TTJustin12 (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 16/11

Seneca TTJustin12 (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 16/11

Steuben TTJustin12 (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 16/09

Suffolk TheLastTaterTot (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 15/10

Sullivan PhantomSoul (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 14/12

Tioga TTJustin12 (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 16/11

Tompkins zikzak (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 15/04

Ulster PhantomSoul (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 15/02

Warren Radon214 (PM)  Profile L2.pngwhoaitspete (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 16/04

Washington Radon214 (PM)  Profile L2.pngwhoaitspete (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 16/04

Wayne Joyriding (PM)  Profile L2.pngTTJustin12 (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 16/09

Westchester PhantomSoul (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 15/03

Wyoming TTJustin12 (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 16/09

Yates TTJustin12 (PM)  Profile L2.png complete 16/09

Archived tables

— Circa Mar 2012 — Some of the areas, and projects covered in these charts date back to before 2012, and may no longer be complete. It may be necessary, due to novice editing mistakes, changes to the physical roads, and changes to Waze editing guidelines to revisit some of these areas and perform required maintenance

Current Projects

Editor Home Base Current Project Area
Spil Steuben County Utica-Rome; Lockport; UR's/MP's in upstate; I-81 north of Syracuse
Jimerb Suffolk County Deer Park and Greater Babylon Cleanup
jeberhard Westchester County Road classification based on DOT maps
socon Queens County Central Queens including I-495 (LIE), Grand Central Parkway, Southern/Northern State Parkways, extending east towards and including the Hamptons.
ncc1701v ... ...
crusho2011 Onondaga County Greater Syracuse area
haydenl Jefferson County Watertown/Fort Drum area

City Chart

City Editor(s) Progress Comment
Albany chrysrobyn 100% ...
Batavia U-J- 50% Fixing house numbers, adding parks / gas stations / public facilities, responding to URs
Binghamton Spil 100% ...
Buffalo/Niagara Falls: see this page -- who wants to take this area?
Corning Spil 100% ...
Cortland Spil 100% ...
Dunkirk / Fredonia Spil 100% ...
Elmira Spil 100% ...
Ithaca IlPapu / zikzak / Spil 20-25% bits and pieces completed from Update Requests and related editing; some work done in Lansing and downtown Ithaca; added a few parking lots and removed extra junctions here and there; more work needed
Jamestown Spil 100% ...
New York City/Long Island/Northern New Jersey: see this page
New Rochelle ... ... ...
Olean Spil 100% ...
Oneonta Spil 15% bits and pieces completed from Update Requests; more work needed
Poughkeepsie ... ... ...
Rochester NecoBri / conbot ... ...
Rome Spil 20% 07JUN2012 -- cleaned up the two major thoroughfares (Black River Blvd and Erie Blvd); also cleaned up SR-365 from Oneida to Rome and SR-49 (Utica-Rome Expressway) from Utica to Rome; still working on other state routes and minor thoroughfares, as well as residential areas
Schenectady chrysrobyn 100% ...
Syracuse BigOB ... ...
Utica Spil 2% 28MAY2012 -- starting work on the Utica-Rome area
Watertown ... ... ...
Yonkers ... ... ...

Suburban / Rural Chart

Rural Region Editor(s) Progress Comment
Southern Tier (borders:
PA in west and south;
Oneonta in east; Tully &
Orchard Park in north)
Spil ~ 15-20% 17MAY2012: bits and pieces completed from Update Requests and other editing; much more work needed!
North Western (Buffalo/Rochester) Rynerson27 ... Working on Turn Restrictions for Suburban Monroe County
Western NY Rural Counties between Buffalo & Rochester U-J- 20% Classification for US, St, and Cty Highways, and cleaning up 2009 original TIGER data
North Central (Syracuse/Utica) ... ... ...
Adirondack ... ... ...
Capital District chrysrobyn 50% Central to western Troy done, now looking east of Albany. Rural areas will get lots of URs because turns are hard to rig to match what it feels like when you drive it. I-87 corridor from Glens Falls south to Ravena is done.
Nassau County eprocks99 5% Optimizing roads for correct speed limits, turn restrictions, and types.

NYC Area Chart

City Editor(s) Progress Comment
Manhattan socon,Cycle201 75% In progress
Brooklyn socon,Cycle201 95% ALL BROOKLYN
Bronx Cycle201 50% ...
Queens socon,Cycle201 75% All.
Staten Island Cycle201 99% Did most editing before finding this. Daily/Weekly Updates always in progress
Long Island socon 1% Working off of I-495. Would really like some help with this one.
New Jersey socon,Cycle201 50% North Bergen County, possibly up into the Rockland area.

Cycle201>>> Edison, PerthAmboy, Marlboro, Freehold, OldBridge, Newark, Elizabeth, Orange (Surrounding Areas) <<<