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==Quick Install==
Try  [http://m.waze.com visiting '''m.waze.com''' on your smartphone] or the [http://www.waze.com/download/ Waze Download page]
==Hardware Requirements==
Waze is designed for a [[client device|smartphone]] with a GPS connection. For more details please refer to [http://www.waze.com/faq/technical_faq/#11 the Technical FAQ]
==Stable Releases==
* Available in iTunes
* Only iPhone 3.0 and later are supported
===Android devices===
* Available in the Market
===Nokia devices using Symbian===
* Available [http://m.waze.com direct from Waze] for both [http://waze.s3.amazonaws.com/client/usa/waze.sis Non-touch] and [http://waze.s3.amazonaws.com/client/usa/waze_touch.sis Touch screens]
===Windows Mobile devices===
* Available on a few Microsoft Marketplaces
** United States - English
** Canada - English
** Italy - Italian
** Belgium - French
* Download from [http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-download-waze.html freewarepocketpc.net]
* Available as a [http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=2061 beta version]
* Only models 8900+ and later are supported.
* There is no official support for Blackberry touch screens yet, although it may run in compatibility mode
* For comments, bugs and problems [http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3572 read this forum topic]
==Latest Beta Releases==
[http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=2061 Latest beta versions for all models]
===To install an APK file on an Android phone===
# Copy the APK file you want to install to your phone's memory card and insert the card into your Android phone
# Go to Android Market and search for the Apps Installer application
# Open it and click on the Install button
# After it is installed, just open it. It will show you all the APK files stored directly in the root directory of your memory card
# Just click on the application you want to install and it will be installed.
==Use on the road without a network connection==
Waze will work in offline mode so it can be used with an iPad and an iTouch, using the iPhone version. There are also devices that convert an internet phone connection into Wifi. This would allow a Wifi only device to function in a car as if connected through a mobile phone.

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