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==Current Problems==
Facebook friends is not updating with new friends on the [[Banks of Servers|World server]] (USA and Canada should be working correctly). Waze is working on a fix. In the meantime, the workaround is to go to [[My Dashboard]] and click on the ''Update'' button. To be sure do this on both the World http://world.waze.com/dashboard/ and USA/Canada servers http://www.waze.com/dashboard/ - you will need to logon to both
After connecting to Facebook, your Facebook friends who are connected to Waze, should show up on the Friends tab on the scoreboard. If they do not appear, you can
* Make sure both you and your friend access the Friend tab on the scoreboard
* Both you and your friends check your Facebook account application settings for Waze is set to allow access to your information
* Try disconnecting from Facebook in [[My Dashboard]] and then reconnecting

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