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[http://www.bugzilla.org/ Bugzilla] is an external issue tracking system used internally by Waze technical teams.
[http://www.bugzilla.org/ Bugzilla] is an external issue tracking system used internally by Waze technical teams.

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Template:ToDelete Bugzilla is an external issue tracking system used internally by Waze technical teams.

The Waze installation of Bugzilla is partially open to the community with different access level permissions in order to make the status of bugs and feature requests visible. Read the general Bugzilla/FAQ for more general questions.


There are two classifications in which the items are organized:

  1. Internal - accessible to Waze staff only
  2. Public - accessible to all with different permission levels

Most items will be in the public area, but some will be restricted and visible to staff only. This is sometimes necessary due to privacy and security concerns.

Each classification contains two products - the general Waze client and services, and the Waze Map Editor.


View only

Anyone can access and see all of the public bugs with no need to login. Internally, some of the comments are marked private for staff only, but the rest of the details are publicly visible.

Comment & Vote

This permission level requires a login which is obtained by submitting an [javascript:alert(\'1\') application] which will be reviewed by Waze staff.

  • At this time, only the following will be eligible for a login:
    • Local / Global champs
    • Experts / Coordinators
    • Editor / App beta-testers

The users in this permission level have the right to vote on 25 items they think are the most critical, and to add comments with additional information about bugs and features.

Bug Submitters

Bug Submitters have permission to post new bugs and are hand-picked by the Waze staff.

General guidelines


  • For those who can vote, please focus on the most pressing issues that need to be addressed. This is going to be the best method to express community concerns. The Waze team will consider the vote count and try to prioritize the overall development to take this into consideration. While there are other items to consider in allocating development resources (business needs, infrastructure issues, other dependencies), the votes are important to the Waze team.


If you have the appropriate permission level, you are welcome to provide more information using the commenting system.

  • Bugs - ways to reproduce them, description of environments in which they occur, examples.
  • Requirements - specific use cases which are difficult to perform with the current implementation.

Please refrain from adding irrelevant information such as off-topic discussion, reproduction of other issues, requests, opinions, social interaction, etc. These things should be discussed in the forums.


Before asking the Waze experts to open a new bug report, please verify that it hasn't been already reported using the Bugzilla search tools covered in the Bugzilla how to guide.

Public Products

The following products are covered in the Waze Bugzilla:

Map Editor Bugzilla

These guidelines are specific to the map editor product.

Issue types

The Issue Type field says whether an issue is Bug or Requirement. Bug means something that should already work but is not working correctly, a requirement means a feature we'd like to see implemented.

Priority ratings

Priority Rating is the ranking Waze uses to prioritize what issues get attention first. The scale is 1-1000 with 1000 meaning "we're-not-going-to-sleep-until-it's-done," and 1 is maybe-someday. The priority is set according to all the considerations Waze must take into account for the development team, and may change the priority as other conditions change.

Status Workflow

The Waze team will change the status from one setting to another depending on the following conditions:

  • Text - A simple change of text in the UI - will be addressed according to severity and rank
  • Beta - Will be fixed by next beta build
  • Current - Will be fixed by an upcoming official version release
  • Next - Will be fixed by the next official version release
  • Future - No current ETA for fix
  • UNCONFIRMED - All initial reports start with this status. It stays here until the Waze team does an initial review of the report.
  • CONFIRMED - The report is understood and/or can be reproduced.
  • NEED INFO - The Waze team was unable to reproduce the report with the information provided.
  • IN PROGRESS - The report is currently being worked.
  • RESOLVED - The issue has been fixed or developed and should be deployed in the beta environment shortly
  • VERIFIED - Problems reports no longer reoccur after deployment and new features are working as designed.
  • PRODUCT - The feature will be added to the product in the near future.

Build number

When submitting a bug, it is important to note what was the active editor sub-version the bug was identified in. In the beta editor you can see the currently deployed version in the top left corner. v1.2-32 means version 1.2, and the build number is 32.

How to use Bugzilla

Please refer to the Bugzilla/Guide for detailed information.