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Hey Waynemcdougall, I have seen your recent changes to some of the wiki pages and have just started a discussion on the main page. Concidering your changes or not I would let you know that I appreciate all contributions to the wiki. So please don´t be exercised by my criticism.

Yours morlano

Hey Wayne,

as I said, I´m very sorry for my criticism as I know that there is a lot of work you spend on the changes.

I learned HTML and stuff during my studies (computer science) which is, as wiki code, a markup language. There are a lot of possibilitys to markup text like lists (ordered and unordered), tables, headlines, links etc. and they should be used for what they are ment to be used. If you got a list, use a list, if you got a table, use a table. Tables are not destinated to organizing a layout like it was done in early HTML times. Just take a look at the mother of wikis and how they use lists, tables etc.

Again, I think you as user and editor are adding great value to the wiki, but major changes (maybe) should be discussed first and there is a lot of work that need to be done with a higher priority then solid changes to the layout.

I´m not that active at the wiki and don´t know if I have the right to correct you, but, for example, I miss the "Content" section on pages with a lot of links. It makes it more easy to jump to the POI on the current page.

This will (partially) also be included on the discussion section of the main page. But I would like to let you know first and specially thank you for your activeness on the wiki.

Yours, morlano

PS: Sorry for my enlish writing which is not my native language.

Shame on me. This is great stuff. Thank you for getting me 100% right. The contextual changes are great and I love the representation and look an feel.

Thank you for your kind reply. Seems as if were getting good friends. I also hope that the community gets more aware of the wiki. But at least for the german forum it´s true that lists and status updates on editing brings some live to the forum. The german community is not very big and (I know that from the german waze start page) has only recently begun ;) Sorry for the changes on the USA (Spanish) section. On the old main page I have seen thees entries in the language section "Other" so I thought it was just not sorted right. --morlano 20:07, 20 September 2010 (CET)

Hey Wayne, I was currently working on other topics like a list of the Freeways and their statuses when you copied all the English content over to the german page. As I said, the content is worth a lot. But I can´t translate all of it now. So I try to concentrate on the topics I was working on.

Additionally the german maps are not very advanced/complete and I´m an Area Manager working on adding value to the map for the community in my area.

I also try to be active on the boards and help new people finding their way to waze and contribution.

It was not really fair to try using the german page with all its English content as a negative example (which, as I read, did not work) because it was you who copied all the english content over. Nevertheless the conclusion was, that the german layout works better.

I will work on getting rid of all those templates. Because every change you make to the templates take effect on the german page and all the other places from where they are linked. Think about that when you try out layout changes.

It´s not only for your pleasure, it´s for the community's pleasure.

--morlano 10:42 26 September 2010 (CET)

Hi Morlano

You have misunderstood my intent.

1. I never offered the Deutsch page as a negative example. I offered it as a different example. An example with Table of Contents but without subheadings.

2. The whole point of the templates is to allow people to have at least some content until some wonderful, dedicated person like you and others can provide the content in the local language. I'm open to better ideas on how to do it.

3. I wonder whether the page is better renamed to Deustchland? Are the road rules and language similar enough for Austria? Switzerland? I think we need to have pages by country rather than language but maybe there can be exceptions. What do you think?

4. When using the Wiki, do you set the language to DE or keep is at EN?

--Waynemcdougall 18:41, 30 September 2010 (UTC)

Link to Russian Wiki Pages from SideBar

Would you add to page (SideBar) link to Russian wiki? It need only one more string:

** Russia|Russia

--Calibrator 13:23, 6 July 2011 (UTC)

Is there a Countries Category, or Infobox

How do I add [Singapore] to the countries on the main page? -- Ghane 17:46, 7 October 2011 (UTC)