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Waze Resume

First edits August 24, 2014

First forum post November 16, 2014

Rank 2 December 2014

Rank 3 and first AM Area March 2015

Rank 4 Summer 2015

SC State Manager Summer 2015

Rank 5 Fall 2015

SAT MSM September 2017

Mentor April 2018

- Formal: Larryhayes7, Nightreaper_, and Nazairian

- Informal: currently pcbman and SCScouter316 with many others through the years and MapRaids.

US CM April 2019

MapRaid! Participation

- LA/California

- Houston

- Dallas/DFW

- Florida

- South Carolina - as Rank 3 local host

- MegaMapRaid! San Francisco Area

- Several international and MegaMapraid! events ( Russia, MapRaid X - Swaziland, Australia, Canada)

- Midlands SC

- Texas


All FC in SC is up to date with SCDOT maps

All speed limits in SC on FW/MH/mH are complete

SC has few UC/RLC URs (this is a personal goal to get to these as soon as possible)

VEOC - have been an active participant with many natural disasters that have activated the VEOC. I have been involved since its inception with the SC floods of 2015 (Note: FEMA/SCHP/SC National Guard/Richland County/SCDOT all used Waze during this because we were the best at implementing closures)

Helped plan and execute MapRaid! Midlands SC as a Raid Manager and Group Leader


NA Airport Verification (All of SAT verified)