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You can call me Tin. Or Hattie. Or... what's my name again?

I stopped buying those paper logic problem books once I fell into editing. I love puzzles. I love maps. I love driving. And I love to help.

If I had to guess, I'd say I've put a good 300,000 miles on various odometers in the past 17 years. Sure, I can commute with the best of them, but in truth, my favorite drive is one that heads nowhere in particular but finds plenty of weird things to stop and take pictures of along the way.

If you ever find me on the map, ask me about the llamas.

Or, if you ever find my llamas on the map, tell them I said hi?

Tin's Top 5 Canned Responses

Not Enough Info - General

Volunteer editor here - unfortunately Waze did not give us much information about your issue. Could you tell us more about what went wrong with your directions? What was your final destination? Thanks!

Incorrect Directions (short)

Volunteer editor here - can you confirm the address or business you were navigating to so we can troubleshoot? Thanks!

Still Waiting

Just checking in - if there's still an issue we should look into, please reply using the app (Waze can't handle email responses). Otherwise, we'll assume all is well and close this out in a few days. Thanks!

Solved From Comment (close)

Volunteer editor here… thanks for your report! I made a few edits here to improve future routing. It should be available in the app within about a week. Feel free to report any other issue you find along your travels. Thanks!!

Not Identified

Volunteers received no response and can’t find anything wrong with the current map. Please feel free to submit a new report if you encounter any issues in the future. Thanks!

Minnesota Basemap: CR or CH or ...

County roads & highways are prolific in Minnesota. In rural areas, I've noticed that while many of these are simply packed gravel surfaces, they can be, in practice, much better kept and more efficient for routing than their "paved" cousins.

When normalizing & classifying county roads in MN, it's important to understand how to read the signs around you so roads are correctly named (and drivers aren't confused by their given instructions). There are plenty of words over in the MN Wiki, so I thought I'd just re-share this little graphic I made in case you're over here wondering what my biggest pet peeve is as an editor