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Keyboard shortcuts for the Waze Map Editor (WME) can be customized from within the WME Keyboard Shortcuts panel. Open the panel by clicking on the "Keyboard Shortcuts" link in the bottom-left of your WME screen or by pressing the ? hotkey. You can customize individual shortcuts by clicking on the item that you want to change and pressing a new key combination.

For unknown reasons, the panel does not allow modification of some keyboard shortcuts even though they should be customizable. The workaround is to directly edit keyboardShortcuts saved in your browser's Local Storage. You can access Local Storage by downloading Developers Tools for your browser or using an HTML 5 storage manager extension.

<brief instructions for each browser goes here>

With Developers Tools installed for Chrome, you can access Local Storage by right clicking in WME > Inspect Element > Resources tab > Local Storage >

The easiest way to get the correct keyCode for your shortcut is to open up the WME Keyboard Shortcuts pane and temporarily assign the desired keys to another item. If I have no shortcut assigned for the Vector layer and I want to use alt+l, I might temporarily assign alt+l to "Toggle Junctions." After setting the shortcut, the alt+l key codes should be saved within the long keyboardShortcuts array. Look for toggleJunctions within keyboardShortcuts and copy the two numbers that come after it. The temporary shortcut for "Toggle Junctions" should be disabled by changing the two values to "0,-1" (i.e., find "toggleJunctions":"4,76", copy "4,76", then edit to "toggleJunctions":"0,-1").

Finally, paste the copied key codes over to the entry for toggleStreet...: "toggleStreet(Vector)":"4,76",... and reload WME. The keys can be verified by taking a look in the Keyboard Shortcuts pane again. If it looks good there, the new shortcut should now work.

Alternatively, you could also manually find the values for your shortcut with the help of this website. The first number must be 0-7 and represents the modifier key(s) and the second number is the associated key press (a letter, number, or a function key).

The key codes for modifier key(s) are
0 - no modifier key(s)
1 - ctrl
2 - shift
3 - ctrl+shift
4 - alt
5 - ctrl+alt
6 - alt+shift
7 - ctrl+alt+shift

Thus, if you want ctrl+alt+shift+s as the shortcut, you would use "7,83". 83 is the key code for 's'.

Modify keyboardShortcuts from something like this: {..."toggleEditableAreas":"2,69","toggleRoadClosures":"3,67","toggleStreet(Vector)":"0,-1",...}

To this: {..."toggleEditableAreas":"2,69","toggleRoadClosures":"3,67","toggleStreet(Vector)":"7,83",...}