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  • Joined Waze: 14 August 2016
  • Location: Greater Kansas City Area
  • Editing Level: 5
  • Country Manage: USA
  • State Manager: Kansas
  • Area Manager: Tacoma, WA; North, MS
  • Waze Mentor: Since October 2017
  • Beta Tester: Android | Waze Map Editor


  • First edits: November 2016
  • First AM granted: March 2017 (Hannibal, MO)
  • AM extended: West ½ of MO
  • AM extended: all MO
  • AM extended: all MO / KS
  • AM granted: North MS
  • AM granted: Tacoma, WA
  • SM (Kansas) granted: July 2017
  • R5 granted: May 2018
  • CM granted: Oct 2018


  • Oct 2017 implemented PLN UR-MP Tracking reports
  • Kansas Speed Limit Completion for MH
  • Major Construction Projects
  • I-435 / MO-210 Diverging Diamond Interchange Reconfiguration
  • US-50 / MO-291 Divergabout Reconfiguration
  • Scripting: Co-wrote New WME Contrast Fix with FastestBeef


  • Megg2004 (formal): R1 to R3, plus AM
  • MFCoolCool (informal): R2 to R3, plus AM & CCP

Meetup / Cafe Attendance

  • NWR Meetup - Boise, ID April 2018
  • MN Cafe - Minneapolis, MN June 2018
  • MO Cafe - St. Charles, MO June 2018
  • MO Cafe (co-led) - Lee’s Summit, MO August 2018
  • PLN Meetup - Minneapolis, MN October 2018
  • NA Mega Meetup - Los Angeles Februay 2019

Mapraid / Waze Global Participation

  • Virginia 2017
  • Russia 2018
  • South Carolina 2018
    • Group leader with Crazycaveman
  • WME Beta
  • Waze Android Beta
  • VEOC
    • Houston Flooding (August 2017)
    • Missouri Flooding
    • PLN Polar Vortex (February 2019)

Why Waze?

As a navigation app, it can hardly be beat. Google Maps, Apple Maps, TomTom... they all lack one big thing. The crowd. There simply isn't a better way to interact, in real time, with the real driving world environment as you drive than the Waze app.

I began editing after moving to a new state that I haven't driven in in 20 years. An interstate leading to my new home was closed due to a major accident and Waze didn't show it closed. I had no idea where to go and Waze was initially rerouting meback to the closed interstate. When I finally arrived to my new home, I noticed I wasn't being routed to my home, but one street over. "There has got to be a better way!" I asked for help in the Editor chat, was invited to, at the time, Google Hangout for the state, and the rest is history.

If you're a new editor and wondering, "how do I level up?", I recommend you start where you live. Are the businesses around you mapped? Are appropriate parking lot roads mapped? Are the mapped businesses correct? As you improve the area, expand your reach (within your editing area). Ask lots of questions, read the Wazeopedia, gain experience, and get to know the editing community.