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Waze staff (Waze Geo-Ops aka the Map Team) and waze-contractors are apart of the effort to update the Waze map. They use special names that inform users for what purpose they are typically used. Some of these accounts link back-end data from databases that automatically update information such as gas prices at gas stations. You should merge places when possible to ensure that any hidden back-end data is not lost.

Waze special-purpose staff accounts


Account: Waze3rdParty
Linked back-end data allows for remote updates to gas prices.


Account: Yext_Import
Linked back-end data allows for remote updates to operating hours and services.

Imported descriptions can be longer than the max character counts, and editors may truncate descriptions to allow for saving other edits. However, there is no initiative to adjust all Yext descriptions.

WazeParking1 & WazeParking2

Account: WazeParking1
Account: WazeParking2
Accounts used to set up waze parking lot areas.


Account: Navads_Import
An account used to set up navigational advertisements.


Account: avsus
An account used to create and/or lock places to enable ads.

Waze-contracted help


Accounts that are ign_username are contracted map editors.

IGN Map editors are an extension of the Waze Geo-Ops (aka the Map Team) who edit parts of the North America and World maps. They generally focus on areas where major content is missing, there was no base map import for that country, or significant problems are occurring with the map and no local editors are available.

In the past, IGN editors were more active in the map, but there were situations where some IGN editors were not knowledgeable about particular areas. Some non-IGN editors would argue their presence may have made the situation worse. In North America the presence of IGN editors in the map are much less common now. They tend to focus on the World map in newly added countries with few local editors.

Other level 7 accounts