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Hi, I am Richard Pyne, born and raised in Twin Falls, Idaho, USA, and have lived in Provo, Utah, USA, most of the time since 1977. I am a partner in a Topaz Mountain Adventures (shameless plug).
My Hobbies and pastimes include (in no particular order) Ham Radio NZ7K, anything and everything to do with electronics and technology in general, fixing things, making things go boom, pyrotechnics, doing sound for theatrical productions and bands, multitrack digital audio recording, and Waze

Current Waze Rank and Status: Rank 4
Area Manager: Southern Idaho
Area Manager: Most of Juab and Millard Counties Utah
Area Manager: Northern Vermont

My Editor Profile

Participated in MapRaid Vermont_SL (HOF #15)
Participated in MapRaid New Hampshire SL (HOF #18)
Participated in Mini MapRaid Sri Lanka 3
Participated in Mashhad MapRaid
Participated in WV MapRaid