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This page holds short videos I have created for basic editing skills. They are stored on my Dropbox, the links being made for public view.

Fixing Gore Points

How to fix a gore point without disconnecting any segments from the node, thereby preserving all traffic data at that node. It is very important while we edit to preserve as much as (if not all of) the traffic data in areas that we work on. Make sure to check your angles per this page Exit Geometry. Fixing Gore Points

Creating Junctions

  • How to create a junction from two intersecting segments at the same elevation. Creating Junctions
  • This is being used more as we slowly implement the standards for at-grade Railroad Crossings. NOTE: Due to the changes in Non-Drivable Road Segments, there is an extra step required to be able to properly junction an at-grade railroad. This step is simply to change the non-drivable segment into drivable, junction the roads, and remembering to set the non-drivable road back to its original!. Creating Railroad Junctions