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Naming of the major roadways (state highways/routes) in the New England Region is specific to each state. Please see the respective state pages for details:

Connecticut Major Roads
Maine Major Roads
Massachusetts Major Roads
New Hampshire Major Roads
Rhode Island Major Roads
Vermont Major Roads

Naming Standards

We currently use "SR-XXX" ("State Route") for naming of state highways in: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. We use state abbreviations for naming of state highways in: Rhode Island ("RI-XXX") and Vermont ("VT-XXX").

Locking Roads

In New England we have a set minimum standard for locking roads based on segment type. Any road of a certain segment type must be locked at least to the rank (level) in the chart below. Roads may be locked higher for protection and special situations (areas with construction, tricky design, frequent mistakes, imaging inaccuracies, and the like), but should not be locked lower.

A great time to implement these locks is while bringing the road types of an area into compliance with the current US road type standards (FC and highway systems). Lock the roads based on type after they've been set to current US road type standards.

New England Minimum Locking Rank Standard
Segment Type CT/MA/ME/NH/RI/VT
 Freeway  5
 Ramp  Highest rank of connected segment
 Major Highway  4
 Minor Highway  3
 Primary Street  1 (Auto)
 Street  1 (Auto)
 Private Road  1 (Auto)
 • • • • Ferry • • • •   5
 |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-| Railroad |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|  2

Note: Do Not Mass Edit just to update locks to these standards, these can be adjusted as you find them while editing other aspects of the segments such as FC, speed limits, naming, etc.

Some segments still warrant higher locks and care should be taken when setting segment lock to these standards to look for and protect these special setups with higher locks. Some examples; segments which are part of BDP, U-turn prevention, or using micro-doglegs, or other complex intersection setups.

The "Passageway" road type should not be used in the United States without Champ approval for individual use cases.