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This is a documentation subpage for Template:RenameCategory.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.

This template is placed on a category page that needs to be renamed. Reasons include typos, changing to sentence case, removing unnecessary plural form, etc.

Place {{RenameCategory}} on the category page to display the above message.


There are two optional parameters.


When provided, the first unnamed parameter will display a link to the category for which this category should be renamed. Each page that includes the old named category should be updated with the new category name. If the parameter is not included, the template will say the category needs to be renamed to sentence case, but will not include a link, so it is better to always include the parameter.


When |target=on is added, the template is used on the target category page to point back to the category page being renamed. At this time, the template is unable to determine the existence of a category page, so it will show up red after the source page is deleted. At that time the template can be removed.

When the |target= is used, the unnamed parameter becomes required, or the template will not make sense since the target category is hopefully already spelled correctly or in sentence case.