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Using {{Hatnote|text}} formats text into the standard stylistic for a Wikipedia type hatnote. That produces a short note placed at the top of an article to provide disambiguation of closely related terms or summarize a topic, explaining its boundaries.


This template is primarily used to add a correctly formatted hatnote to a page. Often, but not always, this is a disambiguation link at the top of article pages. It places an HTML <div>...</div> block around the text entered as its only argument, which provides standardized formatting (contents are indented and italicized in most displays); it also isolates the contained code to make sure that it is interpreted correctly.

This template is also used as the "meta-template" for additional specialized disambiguation link templates; see Wikipedia:Otheruses templates (example usage) for a list.

The template does not automatically create links of any kind. Links and other desired formatting must be explicitly added, using normal Wiki markup.


The code used in this template includes: <div class="dablink"></div>


The only required parameter is the desired text to be displayed in the hatnote. It is passed as the first and only parameter in the template.

Other hatnote templates

The following templates are considered part of the Hatnote template family, used typically at the top of a page, but can be used as needed.

  • {{about}}: To differentiate this page from other similar topics or the disambiguation page of the same base page name.
  • {{details}}: A derivative of {{for}} that forces the opening sentence to be displayed as "For more details..."
  • {{for}}: Enables any description to be given for the reason to want to link to up to four other pages.
  • {{further}}: Mainly for linking to more detailed articles and pages typically places before the shortened description, but could be placed after if necessary.
  • {{hatnote}}: This is the core of the other templates. It simply places text on the page in italics with a paragraph indent.
  • {{See also}} (not yet copied from Wikipedia): It can be created manually with {{hatnote}}.
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