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Editing custom sections

The EditState page is controlled by a template that automatically integrates common and unique content. The table below provides links to all the possible customizable sections and pages under EditState.

If a Unique Portion page is cleared or blanked, it will still exist and prevent the optional guidance from the CommonState page as designed. Be sure that is the intended outcome, otherwise the Unique Portion page must be fully deleted to enable the optional content to appear. A future release of the template may be able to fix that issue.

Resist creating pages using the red links visible on the main page. Use these links on the talk page to ensure the preload text is added to the page to help set it up properly.

Due to limitations of the Wiki language, the table will not reflect changes after adding content until the page is forced to update by pressing the link at the top of the table below, or press the green recycle image Recycle-green-open.png at the top right above the map image on the main page.

Edit Custom Pages for EditState
Section Unique Portion Unique Page
Overview Click here to create Click here to create
Notice Click here to create Click here to create
Introduction Edit Edit
Mapping resources Click here to create Click here to create
Community Edit Click here to create
Cities and towns Click here to create Click here to create
Major roads Click here to create Click here to create
Special roads Click here to create Click here to create
Closures Click here to create Click here to create
Places Click here to create Click here to create
Cameras Click here to create Click here to create
To do list Click here to create Click here to create
Area Managers1 Click here to create1 Click here to create
Other Area Editors Click here to create N/A
Other states and territories Click here to create Click here to create
Other Click here to create Click here to create
Other links to custom EditState pages
Testing Click here to create N/A
1.^ ^ Once the Area Manager table is created, all edits can be made directly from the main page using the links below the section headings in the table itself (not this talk page). This link will only provide access to the Country and State manager section of the Area Manager table.
Commonly created
Sometimes created
Not typically created
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This template is part of the CommonState template suite. It is currently only set up to work on the United States and its territories.


Primary template

The primary template, {{:USA/CommonState}}, is placed on each state page. It includes both code and displayed text that is used to combine the common guidance and the individual state unique guidance.

Supporting templates


Once that page is saved it will automatically display the required template and supporting comments preventing users for editing the wrong content.
Alternately copy and paste this code below into the browser. Change the STATENAME at the end of the line to the name of the state or territory being created. Use the name as spelled in the Template:USA_Navbox


  • {{:USA/CommonState/SectionProcess}} - This (Main namespace) template (not in the Template namespace) is called from the {{:USA/CommonState}} template. It is the common logic used on the {{:USA/CommonState}} template to determine if the universal content should come before or be displaced by the unique state content, and if the unique content subpage is not present, it provides a link to generate a unique content page. It has one required parameter with the name of the subpage for the section.


Related templates


  • {{EditState}} - Placed on the talk page of a state or territory to edit the customized content for that state and use the preloads linked on Talk:USA/CommonState. That is also the best place from which to edit them as well.
The above documentation is transcluded from USA/CommonState/doc.
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