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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Details.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.

This template is used to make summary style explicit. It looks like this:

For more details on this topic, see Article.

It is used in sections for which there is also a separate article on the subject.


Basic usage
With a topic
All parameters


This template accepts the following parameters:

  • 1 - the page to link to (required). Categories and files are automatically escaped with the colon trick, and links to sections are automatically formatted as page § section, rather than the MediaWiki default of page#section.
  • 2 - the name of the topic. If this is not specified, the text "this topic" is used.
  • category - if set to "no", "n", "false", or "0", suppresses the error tracking category. This only has an effect if the first positional parameter (the page to link to) is omitted.


  • {{details|Article}}
For more details on this topic, see Article.
  • {{details|Article|some topic}}
For more details on some topic, see Article.


If no page name is supplied, the template will output the following message:

For more details on this topic, see [[{{{1}}}]].

If you see this error message, it is for one of three reasons:

  1. No parameters were specified (the template code was {{details}}). Please use {{details|page}} instead.
  2. Some parameters were specified, but the page name wasn't included. For example, the template text {{details|selfref=yes}} will produce this error. Please use (for example) {{details|page|selfref=yes}} instead.
  3. The page name was specified, but it contains an equals sign ("="). The equals sign has a special meaning in template code, and because of this it cannot be used in template parameters that do not specify a parameter name. For example, the template code {{details|2+2=4}} will produce this error. To work around this, you can specify the parameter name explictly by using 1= before the page name, like this: {{details|1=2+2=4}}.

Other hatnote templates

The following templates are considered part of the Hatnote template family, used typically at the top of a page, but can be used as needed.

  • {{about}}: To differentiate this page from other similar topics or the disambiguation page of the same base page name.
  • {{details}}: A derivative of {{for}} that forces the opening sentence to be displayed as "For more details..."
  • {{for}}: Enables any description to be given for the reason to want to link to up to four other pages.
  • {{further}}: Mainly for linking to more detailed articles and pages typically places before the shortened description, but could be placed after if necessary.
  • {{hatnote}}: This is the core of the other templates. It simply places text on the page in italics with a paragraph indent.
  • {{See also}} (not yet copied from Wikipedia): It can be created manually with {{hatnote}}.