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Places the column break characters in a table.

The {{col-begin}}, {{col-break}} and {{col-end}} templates control columns of text on a page:

  • {{col-begin}}: starts a table (followed by {{col-break}} for 1st column)
  • {{col-break}}: triggers the start of each column
  • {{col-end}}: ends the multi-column table.

The widths of columns can be specified by using various additional codes. See below for examples.


{{col-begin|width=70%}}: start table with width.
{{col-break|width=66%}}: start column-1 as 66% wide.
This is text in col-1.
{{col-break|width=33%}}: start column-2 as 33% wide.
Text column-2.

The table will have two columns, with column 1 twice (2×) the width of column 2.

See also

  • Columns-list - Displays a list of entries into a selectable number of columns
  • Columns - Displays text on a page into multiple columns
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