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Camera Speed

The page says, "Expressed in km/h worldwide, even if mph is used locally." However, the map editor (for U.S.) calls for the speed to be in mph. If the editor is correct, this page should be corrected. --Mdswbkq (talk) 22:35, 18 August 2014 (UTC)

Trajectory speed control

Maybe an explanation of Trajectory speed control would be in place on this page. A link to an other page on this wiki on how to implement this in the WME would also be great!

Trajectory speed control is a system with fixed 2 places with one or more camera's the distance between those places could be 500 meter, up to 6 km (example in Belgium)

The camera's are equipped with licence plate recognition software and the total system measures the time a vehicle needs to cover the distances and calculates the average speed. If this exceeds the speed limit, a fine is delivered to the owner of the car by post.