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* There is a curb or non-drivable median less than 5m wide between lanes of travel (see exceptions above).
* The non-drivable median is interrupted by a cross segment at most intersections.
* There is a center turn lane (any width) between directions of travel. Splitting Dividing this type of road created creates problems when people turn from the middle lane because there is no road for the navigation to follow.
* It is possible and legal to make a left turn/u-turn everywhere along the road
* The objective is solely for visual appearance or to make the road match another visual source like Google Maps.
Unfortunately there is no easy way to merge two one-way roads back into a two-way road--which is why you should always give a lot of thought before dividng a road in the first place. And then think some more.
When you come across a road in your area that has been divided but shouldn't have been, you have some major map surgery ahead of you. Because of this high complexity in this process, it is recommended NOT to merge the two one-way roads UNLESS there are Update Requests related to the road caused by it being divided.
{{Red|The process to undivide a road (convert from two one-way roads to one two-way road) written below has been specifically designed to preserve the underlying address information embedded in the street segments. It is very important that you do not simply delete one of the two roads because that deletes the house address data on that part of the road. They would have to be looked up and manually added back to the new road.}}