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=== Valley Freeway Nicknames ===
Every major city gives transportation landmarks nicknames. It can be very confusing to new residents/editors or even senior onse. This is a list of nicknames for all the valley freeways.
'''Stack''' – A four-level interchange connecting I-10 and I-17; located west of downtown Phoenix near 19th Avenue and McDowell Road.
'''Mini-Stack''' – A four-level interchange linking I-10 to State Route 51 and Loop 202 Red Mountain Freeway; located south of McDowell Road and east of 16th Street.
'''North Stack'''– Another four-level interchange, this one is located at the I-17 and Loop 101, north of Bell Road.
'''Split'''– The interchange where I-10 splits or merges – depending on your direction of travel – with I-17 near Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Westbound I-10 splits into lanes that allow drivers to head north on I-17 or continue west on I-10.
'''SuperRedTan'''– A multi-tiered interchange in east Mesa where US 60 Superstition Freeway, Loop 202 Red Mountain and Loop 202 Santan meet. SuperRedTan is formed by taking part of each freeway’s name – '''Super'''stition, '''Red''' Mountain and San'''tan'''.
'''Broadway Curve'''– Southeast of the Split, this rush-hour-challenged section I-10 is near Broadway Road, and SR 143, by the Phoenix-Tempe border.
'''Durango Curve'''– The curved section of I-17 near Durango Street is located southwest of downtown Phoenix.
== City Names ==