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Arizona/Major roads

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{{AddCode|This page is still being added to. However, the information on it is current, and should be followed when editing in Arizona.}}
==== City Names ====
Although Arizona follows the general road naming and road type guidelines of the USA, there are some road naming rules specific to Arizona that all Arizona editors MUST follow.
The city name field is not to be filled in. Only road segments that pass along the boundary of a city/town will receive a city name and locked to a higher level to prevent tampering. The sole purpose for this practice is to easily identify city boundaries. The city area itself is already identified by Waze. Adding a city name to a road could potentially cause routing issues, especially if one road changes from one city to another.
==== Alternate Names ====
Alternate names are not to be used on any Arizona roadways. They do not show up in on the map and have been known to have adverse routing effects. For other reasons, please see the explanation on City Names.
==Functional Classification implementation==
{{red|PLEASE REFER TO THIS FORUM TOPIC ON THE MATTER}} [|Road Types (USA) – comprehensive overhaul of drivable roads]
Waze USA has agreed to set a national standard in accordance with the FHWA manual for establishing road classification types in Waze. The following information is in relation to how this is to be understood/applied for the state of Arizona.
===Arizona to Waze Functional Classification conversion===
====ADOT Gis class and color description====
[[File:AZ-GIS-legend.png|left|Gis Legend]]
The Arizona Classification and Color scheme come from the official Arizona D.O.T (ADOT) Functional Classification (FC) map that is published by ADOT. The legend shows what classifications ADOT uses and what color is assigned to each class.
''' ''Please refer to the Gis FC map link in the [ Helpful Links] section below for access to the map.'' '''
This screenshot shows how the FC and color scheme appear in the GIS map.
====ADOT to Waze conversion table====
<div style="font-size:smaller">
{| border="1" style="border-collapse:collapse; text-align:center"
! scope="row" rowspan="2" colspan="2"|
! colspan="7"| <big>Highway Systems</big>
! Interstate
! US Hwy (incl. some [[wikipedia:special routes|special routes]])
! State Hwy (incl. some special routes)
! State Hwy BUS, SPUR{{ref label|a|a}}, LOOP
! Locally-maintained
| ''example>>>>>''
| I-10 E
| US-190
| SR-23
| SR-400 Loop
| Robertson St
! scope="row" rowspan="7" style="width:28px"| <big>F<br>u<br>n<br>c<br>t<br>i<br>o<br>n<br>a<br>l<br> <br>C<br>l<br>a<br>s<br>s</big><!-- Temp placeholder -->
| {{Road | style = color: white; background-color: #1155cc; | Principal Interstate }}||{{Freeway|Fw}}||n/a||n/a||n/a||n/a
| {{Road | style = color: white; background-color: #7f5217; | Principal Freeway}}||n/a||{{Freeway|Fw}}||{{Freeway|Fw}}||{{Freeway|Fw}}||{{Freeway|Fw}}
| {{Road | style = color: white; background-color: #ff0000; | Principal Other (Arterial)}}||n/a||{{Major Highway|Major}}||{{Major Highway|Major}}||{{Major Highway|Major}}||{{Major Highway|Major}}
| {{Road | style = color: white; background-color: #00ba00; | Minor Arterial}}||n/a||{{Major Highway|Major}}||{{Minor Highway|Minor}}||{{Minor Highway|Minor}}||{{Minor Highway|Minor}}
| {{Road | style = color: white; background-color: #ff368f; | Major Collector}}||n/a||{{Major Highway|Major}}||{{Minor Highway|Minor}}||{{Primary Street|PS}}||{{Primary Street|PS}}
| {{Road | style = color: black; background-color: #fbb117; | Minor Collector}}||n/a||{{Major Highway|Major}}||{{Minor Highway|Minor}}||{{Primary Street|PS}}||{{Primary Street|PS}}
| {{Street|Local/Not Mapped}}||n/a||{{Major Highway|Major}}||{{Minor Highway|Minor}}||{{Primary Street|PS}}||{{Street|Street}}
==Helpful Links==
[ '''ArcGIS Functional Classification''']
''This version of the map will give you an error when zoomed to the entire state because it has too much data to load. If you zoom to a location, it will show all of the road segments.''
This is the Arizona Department of Transportation APLAN ArcGIS Functional Classification map. This is the interactive map that all Arizona editors are to use when establishing FC implementation into the Waze Map Editor.
[ '''Arizona's State Highway System''']
An interactive map showing Arizona's highways.
[ '''RailRoads of Arizona''']
An interactive map showing all of Arizona's RailRoad network.
[ '''Arizona Mileposts''']
An interactive map showing the location of all the Arizona Highway mileposts.
[ '''Arizona Highway Rest Area''']
An interactive map showing all of the Arizona Rest Stops location.