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Hello! Welcome to the map editing team here at Waze! I'm glad we have more users that We are wanting to expand extremely grateful for the time and fine tune the mapping system effort you have been putting in to editing the state map. The amount of work you have put in thus far is invaluable and has surely helped countless drivers. I would like to introduce myself. My name is dBsooner and I am a rank 4 editor in Oklahoma. At this time I don't concentrate on Tulsa and surrounding communities. Two other individuals who are important to know if are jasonh300 and txemt. They are our Regional Coordinators and Champs. jasonh300 is the primary contact for our state. While editing, you will notice other Area Managers in surrounding communities. At this time, Muskogee and surrounding areas are aware of the handled by turnertr. Oklahoma City and surrounding areas are handled by crazycomputingdotnet and okladriver.  Here are some general guidelines we useto keep everything uniform and consistent throughout the state and country. You may already be aware of them, but thought I'd point you please take the time to some anyway:refresh yourself as things are constantly changing.
Oklahoma is participating in the [url=]Functional Classification[/url] system for specifying road types. Please familiarize yourself with this system.
While editing, please open Please enable the [url=]Waze Map Editor (WME) chat[/url]and keep it open and monitor it while editing. This is crucial for others to be able to get in touch with you while editing to discuss items and submit instant feedback. If you are new, or simply wish to expand your knowledge, I strongly recommend the mentoring program. A good mentor can assist you in fine tuning your skills, ensuring everything is being done correctly, and at the same time help introduce you to other editors in our region and country. We are all friends here and enjoy the comradery as much as the editing. More information on the [url=]Formal Mentoring[/url] is available on the [url=]Formal Mentoring Wiki Page[/url].
A good place to start and learn whats good and not good An excellent tool for use is with the [url=,_Extensions_and_Tools#WME_Validator]Waze Validator[/url] addon. It is excellent for finding issues that easy for new editors in your editable areas. It assists you in knowing why the segment or node has a problem and how to fixit.
Again, welcome to the community! We are all here to help. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask. You may also be interested in the mentoring program. Finding and using a mentor is the #1 way to make sure everything you do is being done correctly. More information is WME Chat or PM are always available on the [url=]Formal Mentoring[/url] wiki page.
Happy Wayfinding!