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<!-- Place at the bottom of the page in any Mentoring page. Add in any pages which are created. In the correct list placed in order they should be displayed, inside the {{flatlist}}.
New countries should be added as a new groupx, and listx inside the formal mentoring countries child navbox, in alphabetical order on the list.
== ----All the Mentoring wiki outline ==You can click to go to any page program pages are linked in the Mentoring suitebox below. Please click on your countries name for info specific ''New pages can be added to youthis list by [[Template:Mentoring navbox|clicking here]]
| name = Mentoring navbox
| state = expanded
| title = [[Mentoring]]<!-- link in top row ================================= ==== DO NOT EDIT ==== ABOVE THIS LINE ==== ==== =================================-->
| listclass = hlist
| group1 = Formal Mentoring| list1 = {{Navbox|child|evenodd=swap| list1 = {{flatlist|<!-- New formal mentoring pages go into this list below -->* [[Mentoring/Formal|Formal MentoringOverview]]** [[Mentoring/Formal/Guidelines|Guidelines]]* [[Mentoring/InformalFormal/Training|Informal Training]]* [[Mentoring/Formal/Training-fork|Training Fork]]* [[Mentoring/ResourcesFormal/Additional info|Mentoring ResourcesAdditional Info]]}}<!-- end of formal flatlist -->}}<!-- links in first row under title end of formal child Navbox -->| group2 = [[Mentoring/Formal#Supporting countries|Formal Informal Mentoring<br />Countries]]<!-- all new countries or country specific for formal New informal mentoring pages go into this country specific child Navbox. Countries are listed as groupx in alphabetical order, specific pages within a country are under listx in priority order, in a {{flatlist|xxx}} using bullets. list below -->| list2 = {{Navbox|child|evenodd=swap| group1 = [[Mentoring/Formal/Brazil|Brazil]]| list1 = {{flatlist|<!-- New informal mentoring pages go into this list below -->* coming soon}}| group2 =[[Mentoring/Formal/CRInformal|Costa RicaInformal Overview]]| list2 = {{}}<!-- end of informal flatlist|-->* ←}}<!-- end of informal child Navbox -->| group3 =[[All Mentoring/Formal/France|France]]| list3 = {{flatlistNavbox|* [[Mentoring/Formal/France/Guidelineschild|Guidelines]]}}| group4 evenodd=[[Mentoring/Formal/Philippines|Philippines]]swap| list4 list1 = {{flatlist|<!-- New universal mentoring pages go into this list below -->* coming soon}}| group5 =[[Mentoring/Formal/USA|USA]]| list5 = {{flatlistResources|* [[Mentoring/Formal/USA/Guidelines|GuidelinesResources]]* [[Mentoring/Formal/USA/Training|Training]]* [[Mentoring/Formal/USA/Training-fork|Training Fork]]* [[Mentoring/Formal/USA/Additional info|Additional Info]]}}<!-- end of universal flatlist -->}}<!-- end of universal child Navbox -->
}}<!-- End navbox-->