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<!-- Place at the bottom of the page in any Mentoring page. Add in any pages which are created.In the correct list placed in order they should be displayed, inside the {{flatlist}}.  New countries should be added as a new groupx, and listx inside the formal mentoring countries child navbox, in alphabetical order on the list.================================
== Mentoring wiki outline ==
You can click to go to any page in the Mentoring suite. Please click on your countries name for info specific to you.
| name = Mentoring navbox
| state = expanded
| title = [[Mentoring]]<!-- link in top row -->
| listclass = hlist
<!--| groupstyle = background: #3dfdfd;-->
| list1 = {{flatlist|
* [[Mentoring/Formal|Formal Mentoring]]
** [[Mentoring/Formal/Guidelines|Guidelines]]
* [[Mentoring/Informal|Informal Mentoring]]
* [[Mentoring/Resources|Mentoring Resources]]}}<!-- links in first row under title -->
| group2 = [[Mentoring/Formal#Supporting countries|Formal Mentoring<br />
Countries]]<!-- all new countries or country specific for formal mentoring pages go into this country specific child Navbox. Countries are listed as groupx in alphabetical order, specific pages within a country are under listx in alphabetical order, in a {{flatlist|xxx}} using bullets. -->
| list2 = {{Navbox|child
| group1 = [[Mentoring/Formal/Brazil|Brazil]]
| list1 = {{flatlist|* coming soon}}|group2=[[Mentoring/Formal/CR|Costa Rica]]|list2= {{flatlist|* }}|group3=[[Mentoring/Formal/France|France]]|list3={{flatlist|* }}|group4=[[Mentoring/Formal/Philippines|Philippines]]|list4={{flatlist|* coming soon}}|group5 =
|list5= {{flatlist|
* [[Mentoring/Formal/USA/Guidelines|Guidelines]]
* [[Mentoring/Formal/USA/Training|Training]]