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Your Rank and Points

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Rank specific details: As agreed upon in forum discussion:
Waze uses a point system to track usage use of the the Waze client application, and also when you use the web interface to make edits to the mapWaze Map Editor. Depending upon what Different actions give you perform will determine how many different numbers of points. Your point you earn. These points are currently used to define your status and "rank" total is compared to all the point totals of other Waze users in to determine your Wazerank. Wazers who edit the map also have an edit count and an editor rank
== My Dashboard ==
You can see your points and rank from the web interface mobile application by selecting the Menu, then My Waze, then Scoreboard. You can see more information about your points from the website at [[File:Cog.PNG]][ My Dashboard], or from the client application you can select the Menu, then My Waze, then the Scoreboard. Select the following link for For more information on the other sections of about the dashboard, please read [[My_Dashboard|My Dashboard page]].
From the web interface you will see the following table, through which you can follow Waze updates your progress and driving activity inside Waze. Each field in the table represents dashboard periodically -- usually once a different activity inside Waze. Every night the Waze system will calculate all the points that you accumulated for each activity through the day. The system will then identify your rank among all other Waze users. Your rank will generally change on a daily basis, until you get very high in the ranking. NOTE: Occasionally, the system has some delays with updating the points. If you do not think the points have not updated properlyare up-to-date, it's worth checking please check the status page - http:[// - / status page] to make sure that there are no current issues with see if waze is aware of any delays. Waze calculates all the points systemthat all Waze users have earned and shows you where you rank compared to other Waze users. Generally these delays are cleared in a day or soThe Dashboard page on the website will also show you how additional information about your driving, reporting, but may take longerand map editing.
== How are points calculated? ==
You receive a Different things you do with Waze -- driving, reporting, editing the map -- will earn you different number amounts of points for each activity as listed in the tables below. Note that You receive the same number of points per kilometer driven whether you get for distance related activities is different when measured in choose to display miles and in or kilometers. In effect you get the same points for the same physical distance. The second (a table below shows you the translation of translates the two measurements systemmeasurement systems).
Based on the current point system, the Wazers who spend time on the web interface updating the map will generally accumulate the most Waze maintains a [// list of activities and points in any particular week] -- it is also shown below. If your goal is to  You can get a lot more points than you have now, you should consider investigating either by driving more or by [[Waze Map Editor|updating the map]] for your areaareas where you already drive.
===What Is a Map Edit?===
When editing the map in the Waze Map Editor, the points are granted according to the number of changed segments/nodes/other objects. If you select several segments and edit them all, you will get a point for each segment. However, you will not receive more points for changing different properties of the same segment in the same Save.
For instance:Map edits are listed in your scoreboard. They also affect your total number of points -- each map edit increases your score by several points.Updating "Editing the map" means making a change to one road segment. If you correct the rank of spelling on 3 selected segments (of the same road, you will earn three map edits. If you edit the same segment more than one time in one operation) and then saving a 24-hour day, you will grant you 3 points only receive credit for changing 3 segmentsthe edit one time.
Giving unnamed segments a street name in that operation might get For example, if you more points in some cases. Allowing/forbidding a turn counts as a change in correct the node of the turn, so all changes in the same node will be granted only once. Editing city name at the same object multiple times in time or a single 24 hour period will only result little later in one edit for that object in that period. The changes will be saved and made to the mapday, but your total score will not increase with those additional edits within a 24-hour period. Also, when saving a large number of changes at once, the system will not credit you with more than 150 point per save. If you have more than 150 made two changes stored up before you save, they will attempt to save and update the map, segment but you only get up will receive credit for one edit to 150 edit pointsthe segment.
=== What's the Difference Between a Change and an Edit? ===
[[File:wme_button_save_pending_red.png|right]]In the map editor, any change is counted by the counter on the [[Map_Editor_Interface_and_Controls#Save_Button|Save icon]]. A change is not equivalent to the same as an edit. A change is an any action that can be undone with the undo-able actionbutton. For example, if you select 10 segments which need their city changedat one time, once you tap correct the spelling of the name on all 10 segments, and select Apply, the change counter will increase by one. Why? Because you made one single, undo-able change. If you change one segment by aligning moving 10 geometry points around a curve, each time you drag and drop a geometry point, that is a change and the change counter increases because you can undo each of these actions.
In the first example, those 10 segments changed all at once will get you credit for 10 edits. In the second example, those 10 changes will get you credit for 1 edit. In the first, you changed 10 different objects. In the second, you changed only a single object.
As a final, extreme example: if you update an existing long segment, give it a new name, change the city, change the road type, the direction, the lock level and elevation, then adjust the location of 100+ geometry points, the save counter may show 160 changes. When you save, that is counted as a single edit to that segment. Other extreme: if you select 200 segments in a city and change them all from Private Rd to Parking Lot, the Save counter will show 1 change. However, when you save you will be credited with 150 edits. (150 is the max per save.)
For those When you save a large number of changes at once, the system will not credit you with more interested than 150 points each time you save changes. If you have more than 150 points worth of changes stored up before you save, the edits will be saved to the map, but you only get up to 150 points. Remember that points are not displayed in the save icon, only edits. If you are concerned with the number of edits and points you receive for fixing the map, save more often and with fewer changes between saves to avoid doing uncredited work. The details behind the these calculations you can review are discussed in [ this forum thread]. Additional changes made to the point system are noted in [ this later forum thread].
===The Table of Points===
{{/Points collecting}}
=== {{Anchor|Road candies}}Bonus points and road goodies ===
Bonus candies only appear at road [[junctions]] and generally get placed on the road along your current path. If for some reason you are unable to drive over the candy, don't worry about it. The candy will come back at another location as you continue to drive, or when you use Waze on another trip. If you do not enable these "Road Goodies" in the Waze client application, you will receive the credits during the next weekly point update.
Other road goodies often coincide with special holidays and will appear in at random locations on the maparound the time of special holidays. Each type of candy has a set value and they are typically between 3 and 10 points. Like the bonus candies, you just need to drive over them to collect the points. However if If you do not drive over these candies, they will not be relocated in your path in the future like the bonus candiesrelocate for you to drive over them later.
{| class="wikitable" style="background:none; font-size:75%; margin: 1em auto 1em auto" border="1"
If you believe you have completed an achievement, but have not seen the bonus candy on the road, sometimes you just need to wait another week for it to catch up in the server. If the achievement was for something that required multiple days, the calendar resets at the beginning of the week on Monday, so the bonus will not happen unless it is between the Monday to Monday cycle. Also note that some bonuses cannot be earned in the same week and require a separate Monday cycle between them.
{{Throttle warn}} == Waze ranks =====Client application rank=Points Level (in client app)==
{{:Your Rank and Points/Client ranks}}
=== Total point rank Waze Points Rank ===
Your total points collected from all types of activities are compared to others in your Country or State depending upon what server you are located. You are also compared to everyone on both servers around the world. This rank is displayed in various locations on the app and in the My Dashboard through the web interface. The highest rank is 1.
=== Waze Map editing rank =Editing Ranks == When you edit the map, you accumulate specific map edit points. These You can also earn higher editing ranks.Both map edit points are accumulated to change your and editing rank and are displayed on when you use the My Dashboard (covered above) as map editor.  <center>[[File:Profile L1.png|70px]] [[file:Permission_levels.png|200px]] [[File:Profile L6.png|70px]]</center>You can see your own editing rank ''AKA level''from the [[Waze Map Edits'''Editor]] (WME) on the [[Map Editor Interface and Controls#Left_Pane|top left of the screen]]. [[File:WME username level. png|right]]Your editing rank appears just under your username as "Level #". To the left of your username and level is associated with an avatar icon unique to your level. In the cone number WME when you select a segment, the properties drawer will show you see when editing the map using name (and rank) of the editor who created and last modified the web interfacesegment. Your The number in parenthesis after the name, is the editor's current rank is also ''(not necessarily the highest rank to which you may lock an element in they were when they made the map edit)''. ===Editing permission===Your editor and highest rank affects the area of an element that the map you may can edit as well as your ability to "lock" roads, places, and cameras, editlocked roads, places, and cameras, and add closures to roads. Someone with a lower editing For more information, please read about [[Map_Editor_Interface_and_Controls#Permission|permissions in the Waze Map Editor]]. You can see the current lock rank than of any segment, place, or camera by selecting the object and checking the lock on information in the element cannot edit itleft pane. Traffic cameras If you need help fixing an object that you approve are is locked above your rank, please read about [[Editing_restrictions#Unlocking_an_object_above_your_rank|editing objects locked to above your rank]].
{{:Editing rank/Rank comparisons}}=== Promotion ===
=== VIP Users ===In the USA, rank promotions are evaluated based on a combination of related factors including;* Editing skill and knowledge* Editing quality and finish* Community involvement* Proper etiquette in communication* Mentoring participation* Edit count* Suspicious or damaging edits [[File:Checklist.png|75px|left]]Factors relevant to promotion may be weighted differently at different ranks. Promotion to ranks 2 and 3 often focus more on knowledge level, skill, and quality of edits (with edit count used a proxy). Promotion to ranks 4 and above often emphasize communication, community involvement, mentoring, and leadership.
'''As Edit count therefore is of January 2013diminishing importance to promotion at higher ranks. If one edits with the requisite skill and communicates with integrity and etiquette, and other [[#Rank specific details|rank-associated criteria]] are satisfied, one may be promoted before achieving the VIP status is listed edit count for a given rank. If one does not demonstrate effective editing practices with quality edits and proper decorum, promotion may not occur even after one has achieved the listed edit count. This should be seen not availableas a reflection of one'''. The Waze team is working on s worth as an editor, but only as a different approach to this status.<!--COMMENTED OUT FOR NOWBelow you can see what it was previously for those interestedresult of the decreased relevance of edit count especially as one reaches higher ranks.
[[File:Formal mentoring 2.png|right|75px]]
The [[Mentoring/Formal/USA|Formal Mentoring]] program is a great tool to help you learn the skills and knowledge you will need to be eligible for a rank promotion. Being in communication with your SM and/or RC even before you are eligible, will also show you where you need to focus to become eligible for the promotion.
<del>There are special VIP ranks [[File:Private message.png|75px|left]]If you feel that you might be eligible for users who go over a rank promotion, please contact your local management team including your [[State Manager|State Managers (SM)]], and [[Regional Coordinator]](s) (RC) to initiate a review, and above with Waze. VIP users show up uniquely in the app (since version 2promotion process.Moving from rank 3 to 4 on both Android , and higher, is not automatic and iPhonerequires assistance, make sure to contact your managers/coordinator(s). The user's Waze icon has a special jump movement with a small bubble that shows how they got their VIP status.</del>
<del>Here's what you need to do to achieve a VIP rank:</del>=== Rank specific details ===
{| class="wikitable sortableunsortable" style="background:none; font-size:8075%; margin: 1em auto 1em auto" border="1" |- align="center"! Icon! align="center" | Editing Rank (Level)! Description <br />''Suggested Edit Count''! Editable Area Radius! Unlocked Waze Mood! align="center" | Notes|-|| align="center"| '''N/A''' ''(staff)''| Admin, System, or Basemap import| N/A|| Includes segments which have not been created or edited by an actual user, but exist from the initial data import (called the basemap) will show this information.|-| [[File:Badge_AreaManager.png|70px]]| align="center" | '''N/A'''| [[Area Manager]]| N/A|| Area Manager (AM) is a [[Roles_and_responsibilities#Area_Manager|role]] not a rank, however this role along with some higher roles e.g. State/Country Manager give the editor greater permissions than listed for their rank in this table. Area Managers (AM) can edit anything within their assigned area except objects locked by higher-level editors. Editors of any rank can be granted AM rights, however in some countries there may be a minimum requirement before Area Managers are approved. Read the [[Area Manager]] section in the Wiki first before applying for an AM.|-| [[File:Profile L1.png|70px]]| align="center" | '''1'''| New users| 1 mile|| All users start in this group, unless they are a member of one of the other special groups listed|-| [[File:Profile L2.png|70px]]| align="center" | '''2'''| Beginner Editors, ''over 3K edits'', or [[IGN|IGN editors]]| 2 miles| [[Image:Rank2-robot.png]]| Editors with 3k edits may be automatically promoted to rank 2 subject to the criteria specified in the [[Your Rank and Points#Promotion|promotion section]]. IGN Map editors are an extension of the Waze Geo-Ops (aka the Map Team)
! Achievement !! How | [[File:Profile L3.png|70px]]| align="center" | '''3'''| Proficient Editors, (most AMs), ''over 25K edits''| 3 miles| [[Image:Rank3-8bit.png]]| Editors with 25K edits may be automatically promoted to obtain VIP rank 3 subject to the criteria specified in the [[Your Rankand Points#Promotion|promotion section]]. Note: Some [[IGN]] Map editors may also be rank 3.
| <del>1 Million Points</del> [[File:Profile L4.png|70px]]| <del>1align="center" | '''4'''| Advanced Editors,000,000 points</del>''over 100K edits''| 4 miles|| Rank 4 will require a request to and review by the RC before approval. Note: Very few [[IGN]] map editors may also be rank 4.
| <del>Mega Mapper</del> [[File:Profile L5.png|70px]]| <del>200align="center" | '''5'''| Expert Editors, (most SMs),000 map ''over 250K edits</del>''| 4 miles| [[Image:Rank5-trex.png]]| Rank 5 will require a request to and review by the RC before approval.
| <del>Mega Driver<[[File:Profile L6.png|70px]]| align="center" | '''6'''| [[Your Rank and Points#Waze Champs|Waze Champs]]| N/del> A|| <del>50Waze Champ (Rank 6) will require recommendations,000 km (31review, and approval by other US Champs before Champ status is given. Note: Although CMs and Champs have countrywide access,068the Rank of Champ is greater than that of a CM.55 milesThe same promotion from Local Champ (LC) to Global Champ (GC) driven on existing roads</del>applies.
| <del>Mega Reporter</del> [[File:Badge WazeStaffAdmin.png|70px]]| align="center" | '''Staff'''| Waze admins| Unlimited| <del>400 different | Currently only paid Waze employees|} === Waze Champs ===Waze Champs are fellow Wazers like everyone else who are generally very experienced using Waze, have tenure, are active in the forums with moderator privileges, contribute to the Waze Wiki, and participate in many Waze related projects. Most forum questions are answered by these users thumbs up (or likes) your reports as they give their time freely to the Waze community. They are selected by Waze developers and are generally in closer direct communication with the app</del>Waze development team.  |}This group also includes Wazers who were invited by Waze to the attend the various Waze Meet-Ups around the globe.
<del>When you reach one The Waze Champ status only appears in the forums as part of these positions, send the user's profile history when they post a message to the [ support team] and they will apply that status for you.</del>END COMMENT -->
=== Waze Champs ===Waze Champs are fellow Wazers like everyone else, but they are generally very experienced using Waze and active in the forums with moderator privileges. Most forum questions are answered by these users as they give their time freely to the Waze community. They are selected by Waze developers and are generally in closer direct communication with the Waze development team. This group also includes the Wazers who attended the Meet Up in Paris, France, in November 2011 and Palo Alto, California, in January 2012. The Waze Champ status only appears in the forums as part of the user's profile history when they post a message. If for any reason you have a question you don't feel comfortable asking in the [ main forums], you can send a [[Private_message|Private Message]] (PM) to a Waze Champ who will be happy to answer your question.
=== Forum badges ===
The [ Waze forums] use badges to indicate [ group membership] for Waze editors. Some editors may belong to multiple groups, but only one badge can be displayed. Each Waze editor who has more than one badge can select which badge to display in the right pane of their forum posts. The following table identifies the current badges in use in the forums. Membership in these groups requires approval by a country's Self-Management and is applied to the forum by certain Champs or Waze administratorsadministration.
{| class="wikitable unsortable" border="1" style="background:#EEEEEE; color:black"
| colspan="3" rowspan="1" style="text-align: center; background:#DDDDDD; color:black" | '''Forum Badges'''
| {{anchor|Global Champ}}[[File:Badge GlobalChamp.png]]| [ Global Champ]
| Editors selected by Waze management that show long standing contributions to the entire global Waze community. Typically requires having been a Local Champ for some period of time.
| {{anchor|Local Champ}}[[File:Badge LocalChamp.png]]
| Local Champ
| Editors selected by Waze management that show long standing contributions to the Waze community for their country. Typically requires having been a Country Manager for some period of time.
| Country Manager
| Editors who have reached the required [[Your Rank and Points#Map editing rank|map editing rank]] can apply to be a Country Manager.
| [[File:Badge StateManager.png]]
| [ State Manager]
| Editors who have reached the required [[Your Rank and Points#Map editing rank|map editing rank]] can apply to be a State Manager.
| [[File:Badge AreaManager.png]]
| [ Area Manager]
| Editors who have reached the required [[Your Rank and Points#Map editing rank|map editing rank]] can apply to be an [[Area Manager]].
| [[File:Badge MapRaider.png]]| [ Map Raider]||-| [[File:Badge WikiMaster.png]]| [ Wiki Master]| A group of dedicated volunteers working together with a Waze staff representative to organize, modernize and update the wiki.|-| [[File:Badge Coordinator.png]]| [ Coordinator]| Community members who work closely with Waze staff to ensure effective communications between them and the Waze user community. |-|{{anchor|Expert}} [[File:Badge Expert.png]]
| Expert
| Users who are Experts generally focus on a particular area of Waze. There is an [ Expert Forum] focused on these different areas. Originally introduced in [ this forum entry].
| [ Mentor Global Champ]
| rowspan="3" |
Knowledgeable Waze editors who [[Mentoring/USAFormal|mentor]] new rising editors in the Formal Mentoring program.
There are three types of mentors: regular, Local Champ, and Global Champ.
| [[File:Badge Mentor Local Champ.png]]
| [[File:Badge Mentor.png]]
| [ Mentor]
| [[File:Badge Localizer Global Champ.png]]
| [ Localization Global Champ]
| rowspan="3" | Given to top Wiki translators who have dedicated a lot of time and effort to making Waze fit into their communities.
| [[File:Badge Localizer Local Champ.png]]
| [ Localization Local Champ]
| [[File:Badge Localizer.png]]
| [ Top Localizer]
| [[File:Badge BetaTester.png]]
| [[File:Badge WazeStaffAdmin.png]]
| [ Waze Staff Administrator]
| Waze employees that manage and interface with Waze editors and users.
=== VIP Users === Until January 2013, the waze team recognized certain exceptional contributors with a special VIP icon. '''As of January 2013, the VIP status is not available'''. The Waze team is working on a different approach to recognize exceptional contributors.<!--COMMENTED OUT FOR NOWBelow you can see what it was previously for those interested.  <del>There are special VIP ranks for users who go over and above with Waze. VIP users show up uniquely in the app (since version 2.4 on both Android and iPhone). The user's Waze icon has a special jump movement with a small bubble that shows how they got their VIP status.</del> <del>Here's what you need to do to achieve a VIP rank:</del> {| class="wikitable sortable" style="background:none; font-size:80%; margin: 1em auto 1em auto" border="1" |-! Achievement !! How to obtain VIP Rank|-| <del>1 Million Points</del> || <del>1,000,000 points</del>|-| <del>Mega Mapper</del> || <del>200,000 map edits</del>|-| <del>Mega Driver</del> || <del>50,000 km (31,068.55 miles) driven on existing roads</del>|-| <del>Mega Reporter</del> || <del>400 different users thumbs up (or likes) your reports in the app</del> |} <del>When you reach one of these positions, send a message to the [ support team] and they will apply that status for you.</del>END COMMENT -->  [[Category:Waze operations|Waze_operations]]<br/>[[Category:Waze Map Editor]][[Category:Table examples|Table_examples]]