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state vs region code
The code below will use the type of camera ("red light" or "speed") in the text, but if it is blank, it means both cameras have the same law and use the alternate text in the parameter field. Initial lower case wording assumes it is completing a sentence and final punctuation is left off the template so they can be used consecutively, and in case it is used in a longer sentence.
-->{{#switch: {{lc:{{{law|}}}}}
| none = {{:USA/CommonState/AreaText|{{RootPage2}}}} does '''not have any laws''' regarding '''{{{type|red light''' or '''speed}}}''' cameras, therefore they may be present in the state{{RC/Data|{{RootPage2}}|area-type}}| permitted | legal = '''{{{type|red light''' and '''speed}}}''' cameras are {{color|color=#53A600|'''{{lc:{{{law|}}}}}'''}} statewide {{RC/Data|{{RootPage2}}|area-type}}wide in {{:USA/CommonState/AreaText|{{RootPage2}}}}| prohibited | illegal = '''{{{type|red light''' and '''speed}}}''' cameras are {{color|color=#A60000|'''{{lc:{{{law|}}}}}'''}} statewide {{RC/Data|{{RootPage2}}|area-type}}wide in {{:USA/CommonState/AreaText|{{RootPage2}}}}| limited = the {{color|color=#785B00|'''{{lc:{{{law|}}}}}'''}} legality of '''{{{type|red light''' and '''speed}}}''' cameras in {{:USA/CommonState/AreaText|{{RootPage2}}}} is described <!--
-->{{#if: {{{limited-red|}}}| {{{limited-red|}}}
|{{#if: {{{limited-speed|}}}| {{{limited-speed|}}}
| unknown | #default = Waze editors have '''not determined the legality''' of '''{{{type|red light''' or '''speed}}}''' cameras in {{:USA/CommonState/AreaText|{{RootPage2}}}}