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This content is universal to all 50+ United States and Territories. No state specific content should be added. This content is designed to appear at the top of this section before all state specific content.
-->{{#ifeq: {{lc:{{{1|common}}} }} | common | <!-- Display the following content between the first set of lines as common to all states and territories. When thetemplate is displayed directly, both sections are displayed for test purposes.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->When managing a section of roadway under construction, follow the Wiki guidelines on [[Road_names/USA#Construction_zone|construction zones]] and [[road closures]].<br/><!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->}}<!-- End if common -->{{#ifexistifeq: {{lc: {{RootPage2{1|optional}}/Construction } }} | optional | <!-- If The content between the second set of lines is optional to all states and territories. This content is displaced by unique state content if the page exists display it -->, so if this content is desired for the state with a unique page for this section, then add this content manually into the unique page or add the following to the unique page: | The construction projects and additional information specific to {{RootPage2}:USA/CommonState/Intro|optional} are tracked on [[{{RootPage2}}/Construction]].}}----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->The [ Federal Highway Administration keeps a website] indexing all states that can provide highway and construction project information. Go to the page, find your state, and check the links for the desired information.<!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->}}<!-- End if optional -->