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-->When managing a section of roadway under construction, follow the Wiki guidelines on [[Road_names/USA#Construction_zone|construction zones]] and [[road closures]].
The [ Federal Highway Administration keeps a website ] indexing all states that can provide construction project information.
{{#ifexist: {{RootPage2}}/Construction <!-- If the page exists display it -->
| <!--  TEXT TO DISPLAY -->The construction projects for and additional information specific to {{RootPage2}} are tracked on [[{{RootPage2}}/Construction]].<!-- STOP TEXT DISPLAY  --> | <!-- Otherwise, on the page that calls this template, ---- add the URL of the desired link to be presented to the user. ---- If no URL is passed, it will default to a generic Department of ---- Transportation page. If the text "none" is passed,---- the template will not display the text below-->{{#ifeq: {{{1|}}} | none <!-- check if "none" is passed --> | <!-- do nothing --> | <!-- otherwise send the following text   TEXT TO DISPLAY -->The major construction projects for {{RootPage2}} can be found on [{{{1|}}} this web page].<!-- STOP TEXT DISPLAY   --> }}}}<!-- Add more general content below this line -->