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== Statewide resources ==
* [ Oregon Department of Transporation (ODOT)] homepage
* [https ODOT Map-based project tracker]
* [ Oregon Route to Highway Cross Reference]
* [https ODOT Digital Video Log (DVL)]
* [ Oregon highway summary by Route] shows you all the Oregon highways which comprise state and US routes.
* [https ODOT TransGIS] can be used to view all manner of roadway attributes, including Functional Classification. To view functional classifications, go to Display->Layer Catalog->Highway Classifications. Select both/either State and Non-State.
* [ Oregon Zipcode Map] from
* [ State Highways in Oregon] on wikipedia
* [https ODOT Updates via email]
* [ US and Oregon Routes Descriptions] (talks about where routes go, as compared to Oregon highways
== Counties ==* [ of counties in Oregon]
* Baker
* Yamhill
== City info ==
Cities with population > 5000.
* Clackamas CDP, Clackamas County
* Madras, Jefferson County
== To do list ==
* [[Oregon/To do]]
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