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#*The angle between this segment and s-in is smaller than the angle between s-out and s-in
#If both condtions are not met, then s-out is considered to be the 'best continuation'.
#In some situations a [ Y-Intersection] (where there are more than one segment leaving the junction node at less than a 45° angle), navigation to either segment will generate a 'KEEP RIGHT/LEFT" instruction, even if one of those would otherwise be the 'best continuation' and has a departure angle of 0° from s-in. This is also mentioned in the [ wayfinder section].
#A segment (s1, s2, ...sN) leaving the juction which has the trun into it from s-in [ restricted] in [ WME] will not be considered in this algorithm as a 'best continuation', even if it has a departure angle of 0° from s-in.